Seven Star Crag private tour

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clock9 hours


    This day trip tour will allow you to explore Seven Star Crag scenery, which is a famous natural wonderland for its delicate seven small hills, magical caves as well as the large beautiful lake, all together compose a picturesque scenery. Visitors would be impact for this magical creativity of nature. Here's what you could do:
    1) Boat ride on the lake to visit several islands at the Star-lake national wetland reserve and observe various wild birds;
    2) Climb one of the seven pretty hills with fine walkway and enjoy an overlook view of the landscape from the peak;
    3) Explore the exquisite cave with colorful lights illuminated on diverse rocks and stalactite;
    4) Take a fun bicycle ride along the boardwalk surrounding the large lake for best photo taking spot;
    5) Have a bite at the local specialty-sticky rice with pork, bean and salted egg yolk wrapped by bamboo leaf;
    6) See the numerous gorgeous poem inscriptions on rocks composed by ancient Chinese poets about 1000 years ago.

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