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Seville's Food, History and Flamenco! by The New York Times


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    From tapas bars and Flamenco music, to Instagram-worthy architecture and artisan workshops both old and new, you’ll dive right into the heart of what makes Seville so special.

    New York Times Exclusives:

    Behind the Scenes Access: Learn some history of the Flamenco dance and music in the studio of a professional dancer while she is training for her daily show. If you like, practice with her, moving your hands, feet and body with the compás, or rhythm, of the music.

    Hands-on Element: Visit local artists in their studios where you will learn and practice how to make glass jewelry, blowing it or using flameworking. Or, depending on the tour, visit felt artists and learn how to create a felted scarf or a decorative flower.

    Local Interactions: Meet local designers, artists and young professionals and see them at work in their studios and co-working spaces. Chat with an owner of a tapas restaurant.

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