Sistine Chapel Closed-Doors Experience: VIP Small Group Tour of Vatican Museums


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    "Imagine yourself standing right in the middle of the Sistine Chapel.. all alone. No pushy crowds, not hustling for a good vantage point from which you can admire the masterpiece overhead. just your guide, a small group, and a hushed awe in the presence of the some of most awe-inspiring and greatest human creations in the history. There's no better way to experience the sheer triumph of Michelangelo's masterpiece than by joining this Alone in the Sistine Chapel and Hidden Vatican Tour.Skip the line and enjoy exclusive access to the Vatican Museums and all the hidden jems that were dicovered by very few in the history. Go behind closed doorsand discover the treasures of the Vatican normally closed to the public, including the Niccoline Chapel, Cabinet of Masks and original Bramante staircase.
    Join us on a small-group tour of the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums, and see these masterpieces of civilization as so few get to – away from the crowds."

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