Sofia local morning experience - Private tour


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    If you’re wondering how to start your day in Sofia, ponder no more! There’s no better choice than starting the day like a local.

    People in Bulgaria like to say that morning walks are very good for your health. Well, let’s test this statement and embark on an exciting morning walk on the streets of Sofia where just like the locals we’ll drink coffee or tea with honey, eat “mekitsa” with “ayrian” or “banitsa with boza”, we’ll haggle over the price of the fruits at the local market and to recap all that local splendour we’ll have a taste of one of Sofia’s famous desserts.

    Not only that, but we’ll also explore together some of Sofia’s hidden gems while walking through the narrow streets known mainly by the locals...

    Come, join us on this tour and get the feel of what it is to be a Sofian!

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