Souvenir Shopping Tour, Luxor


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    Alabaster: For those who are looking for authentic souvenirs, the alabaster factory is the perfect place to start. There you will be able to see exactly how alabaster is used to make Egyptian handicrafts, the same way the ancient Egyptian artisans used to make their artifacts. The art of sculpting and carving has been passed down from generation to generation and the local craftsmen use the same tools as their ancestors.
    -Papyrus: Luxor is the home to papyrus institutes and you will visit a papyrus workshop to see how papyrus was made in ancient times.
    -Perfumes: Stimulate your senses at an oriental perfumery! Here extracts of a wide variety of oriental flowers are used to make exquisite, pure oil perfumes pure flower essences, such as gardenia and jasmine, or papyrus and lotus flower which are exclusively available in Egypt. For aromatherapy, choose from a wide range of medicinal oil blends.
    - Gold & silver Egypt has always been famous for gold and silver

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