Super Flor Boat Tour - Arraial do Cabo - Brazilian Caribbean

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clock5 hours


    - Boat with a capacity for 115 people, however we are leaving with 70% of our capacity, seeking to follow the prevention rules and provide greater comfort and a differentiated service to our customers.
    Itinerary (with 4 stops for diving):

    - Praia do Ilha do Farol - landing of 30-40 minutes of beach (landing guaranteed whenever the beach is open for visitation);

    - 15-20 minute diving stop at Ilha do Farol cove;

    - Fenda da Nossa Senhora (panoramic for photos);

    - Gorilla stone (panoramic for photos);

    - Meteorite Bay (panoramic for photos);

    - Blue cave (panoramic for photos)

    - Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia - 1 hour disembarkation;

    - Praia do Forno Bay - stop for diving and 20-minute photos.

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