System of Soviet camps and prisons (Gulag Museum)


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    GULAG is a chain of death camps created in USSR for political prisoners. Overall amount of inmates exceeded 20 million people, 10% of them died.

    We offer you to visit GULAG museum – a place where soviet people could get for telling a joke about Stalin. Prisoners took part in the construction of industrial facilities, electric plants, rail roads and even some northern cities. The most famous prisoners of GULAG were Josef Brodsky, Alexander Soljenitsyn and Dimitry Lihachev. You’ll know all about the genocide of Russian people through decades and see actual photographs, documents.

    In the museum there is a giftshop where you can buy books, souvenirs and postcard. You can send a letter to any destination right from the museum.

    The Gulag museum is closed every last Friday of the month.

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