Tantra Workshop for Women or Couples Madrid


clock3 hours


    It is a unique and unrepeatable experience from the hand of an anthropologist and sexologist expert in Erotic Arts.
    To begin, a Tantric Kinesiology test is performed, in which the energetic polarities of the initiates are known, as well as the particularities and specific characteristics.
    Then a personalized elixir is made, and also a pinda with petals, seeds and oils.
    Once the study is done, tantric healing is carried out, through the unblocking of body regions and points, extracted from the tantric anatomy. These points are known by the name of Marmas.
    Stimulated the marmas with the pindas and activated the Kundalini with the elixir, a work of emboidment or empowerment of the body is carried out, which recognizes people with their maximum power and illusion of living.
    The result is an experience of sensations and mystery that connect us with the atavistic secrets of the ancient knowledge of our own body and its power.

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