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Taste of Africa (Yeoville Food Experience)


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    Yeoville is one of the most diverse suburbs in South Africa, known for being highly Afro-cosmopolitan with many African nationals found in one square mile. The area is also rich in history and due to the diversity in African culture, offers a great experience when it comes to African cuisine.

    Our Taste of Africa experience will give you a taste of the continent with no visa requirements or expensive flights.

    Our guide will be leading you to local restaurants like Malalahitoka for traditional Ghanaian Wat, Kifto and Injera, Kin Malabo for more Ghanaian food such as Pondu and Kwanga, Mama Osu will be our Nigerian stop for Akara and Killshi. Baskim offers a mixture of African foods such as Konkonte and Ampesie. This will include a walk through the Yeoville food market where you can purchase fruit and veg you have seen in some of the dishes you have tasted so you can recreate your favourite African dishes at home.

    After dinner drinks will be hosted at the famous House of Tandoor.

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