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Terracotta tour in Fratte Rosa


clock1 hour 30 minutes


    Come and discover an authentic land, with incredible naturalistic beauties, through the art and traditions of the place; come to Fratte Rosa, a delightful village located on the Marche hills, in an area still to be explored.

    Fratte Rosa has been the cradle of terracotta for centuries. Its soil, very rich in clay, allowed the flourishing of the art of forging terracotta, handed down by word of mouth from the local potters, since the Middle Ages.

    Even today in Fratte Rosa the production of popular ceramics continues, through the activity of the shops, custodians of a craft heritage dedicated to the "archaic forms" born in the Middle Ages for cooking and storing food.

    You will discover the gestures of tradition, observing the manual work of our terracotta craftsmen, observing the "unique" forms of tradition for which Fratte Rosa boasts a primacy of uniqueness.

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