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The Great Dinner in Pontevedra - Escape urban room


clock1 hour 30 minutes


    We offer an innovative and alternative experience to conventional escape rooms. We apply very similar dynamics, with enigmas of all kinds and surprising mechanics, but on the street and without limit of participants.

    Organize a street escape game with your family, friends or company. Participate with a single team or several ways to compete. But eye! Speed is not everything. Dogoplay has a ranking of real-time score and only those teams that advance correctly in solving the riddles will finish at the top of the scoreboard.

    Synopsis of our urban escape room, The Great Dinner:

    "Brutal, yesterday's business dinner could be summarized as follows: Party, lack of control, Albariño, lagoons ... We had a great time, at least what I remember, but we have a small problem: the boss has disappeared ...

    Our company is huge, so we have no idea who he is or where he is and, surely, he does not know it himself. We need your help!"

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