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The Pillars of Knowledge


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    On this sunrise tour you will visit Te K-ripitanga o Tama-nui-te-Ra - the place where the stars and the sun emerge from the waters of the great Lake of Kiwa, the Pacific Ocean. It is a celestial disc that looms large over the cultural landscape of the Waim-rama people

    Stars in the firmament remind us of loved ones lost; others track the trail of discovery that bought the first ancestors to this land. The guardians tell of the of the lore of the land; of battles won and blood spilt.

    People come to consult the maramataka, the lunar calendar. There is a time for all things. To plant, to harvest, to rest, to celebrate, to fear and to mourn.

    The guides for this tour are all members of the local Waim-rama Tribe, and they will clear our way. This is their sacred knowledge and we are privileged that they are willing to share it with us.

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