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The Singapore Ants Exhibition


clock30 to 120 minutes


    Ants are all around us. Ever present, but ever so hidden. Ants are one of the most advanced species on the planet that have survived for the past 120 Million years! But yet, there is so much that we do not know about these amazing creatures.

    So join us at The Singapore Ant Exhibition, where multiple species of ants will be showcased in beautiful man-made habitats. Get up close views on varying species of ants in their habitats in a safe and controlled environment where our friendly guides will share and educate everyone on the lives of ants and even, the joys of Antkeeping as a hobby!

    Guests can catch a glimpse of how:

    1) 25 Ant Habitats, 21 Ant Species
    2) Ant colonies organise attacks to feed on their prey
    3) Weaver ants form bridges for crossing

    Explore the hidden activities in a colony’s chamber nest:

    1) Ants feed each other through their social stomachs
    2) Queen ants laying eggs
    3) How ants designate their own garbage areas
    4) Upclose view of queen ants in their chambers

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