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THE SOUTH, secrets of the volcanoes


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    Visiting the island without seeing the volcanoes may be impossible. Would you like to experience going deep into a volcano? …to understand the different types of eruptive process on the island? …to enjoy an unforgettable panoramic view from a single point boasting over 90 volcanic formations?

    On the arid south of the island of Tenerife, treasures you may never have imagined are hidden in little-known spots. This is a journey into the land of volcanoes, where each of these geological formations reveals information, and where life has learnt to adapt itself perfectly between lava fields, badlands and wastelands.

    In the lands to the South you will visit sites of unique geology, remote villages featuring popular architecture, people have learnt to adapt to the environment by making best use of the resources available.

    From the subsoil to the surface, you will be presented with a vast portrait of haphazard volcanic shapes.

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