The Ultimate Study of the Human Form at Vigeland's Sculpture Park with a Local

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clock1 hour 30 minutes


    This Experience is provided by a private local.

    Come with me on this highly unusual tour to discover one man’s artistic obsession and a lifetime of work dedicated to the sublime study of the human body in all its glorious simplicity. This Experience is a treat for both serious art lovers and those who are curious to discover something new and unique!

    The bronze and granite sculptures at the park portray humans in a variety of situations from everyday to more symbolic (such as the famous “Man Attacked by Babies”) to highly abstract such as the centerpiece of the complex.

    As we walk through the park, I will introduce you to the most important pieces and tell you the background story of each. Yet, since focusing only on those highlights does not quite reveal the true nature of the collection, I will also guide you and draw your attention to the seemingly more casual pieces that genuinely capture the essence of the collection.

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