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Tour to the Paljassaare Special Protection Area


clock3 to 4 hours


    This area draws birds with its excellent resting and feeding opportunities, provided by its varied landscape and its location on the birds' migratory route.

    Both the Reedbed Tower and the White Tower offer a magnificent view of the reedbed, meadows, shrubs, and the sea. With binoculars, you can see seagulls, various ducks, oystercatchers, and even western marsh harriers.Fresh winds, open expanses, and the sweet but sorrowful cry of seagulls – the walking paths of Northern Tallinn take you on an exploration trip to the only bird protection area of the city.

    Here, only a few kilometers from the noisy city, you can wander on the empty beaches and the secret trails of ornithology enthusiasts, have a picnic on a windy coastal meadow, and meditate by the blue sea that stretches to the horizon.

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