Transfer Minsk Airport - Russian Border

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    Our drivers provide a transfer just to the Belarusian borderline and can't enter the neutral territory (as it was possible earlier), because if the driver visits the neutral territory, he will be placed under quarantine. At the border crossing point with Russia one can cross both borderlines on foot. It's important to mention that foreign residents temporarily are not allowed to enter Belarus.

    List of border crossings between Russia and Belarus during quarantine:
    Krasnaya Gorka (M1 highway, direction Moscow)
    Dolostsy / Yukhovichi (direction St. Petersburg, Pskov)
    Loboc / Ezerishche (Highway E95, direction St. Petersburg, Pskov)
    Novy Yurkovichi / Veselovka

    Every day we provide a transfer from the International Minsk Airport to the border crossing points. You can order a car (1-4 pax) to go to the border post. Our car fleet includes clean, modern and reliable vehicles such as Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Santa Fe, Mercedes Benz E-class.
    We help to manage the situation!

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