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Trip to Visit Gangaikonda Cholapuram and Airavatesvara Temple from Pondicherry


clock10 to 12 hours


    Airavatesvara Temple is a UNESCO world heritage site along with other Chola temples built between 10th to 12th century AD. Its unlike the Brihadeshwara and Gangaikonda Cholapuram temples is a smaller in size and  wonderful work of art and architecture. It has lot of exquisite carving and was built associating the concept of Nitya Vinoda which means perpetual entertainment

    The city of Gangaikondacholapuram was probably founded by Rajendra chola before his 17th year. Most of the Chola kings who succeeded Rajendra were crowned here. The Vimana with its recessed corners and upward movement presents a striking contrast to the straight-sided pyramidal tower of Thanjavur but with octagon shape of Dravidian architecture. As it rises to a height of 182 feet (55 m) and is shorter than the Thanjavur tower with larger plinth, it is often described as the feminine counterpart of the Thanjavur temple.

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