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True Viking day


clock2 hours 30 minutes


    Feel like a true Estonian Viking!

    We are going to learn how to throw axes, knives and other kinds of weapons, how to shoot from bow and cross-bow, and have a lot of fun during our special workshop in Tallinn! Real professional Estonian Vikings of the 21st century will be our shooting instructors.

    We will get to know about life and traditions of Vikings, remember the famous episodes from their military expeditions, and talk about the world of Viking gods.

    More than a thousand years have passed, but up to now people at the Baltic coast have kept the art of throwing axes and knives, spears, as well as bow and crossbow shooting. They are quite good even at target throwing with nails and sows, and as for women – they can manage with a rolling pin or a frying pan right from the kitchen!

    Do you think you cannot do it- Oh yes you can! Vikings started from learning how to do it, too. And a little secret is – girls are usually better at it)

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