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Van Gogh Museum: secret of the green sun

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    Van Gogh is one of the most iconic and extraordinary artists, that we all know for his very special sense of shape and color creating the mysterious universe. Together with you we would like to dive into his marvelous world!
    In order to be able to understand his ideas and its effect on us better, we will get back to his diaries, letters to his family and brother Theo and facts from his biography.

    Starting from one of his first paintings 'The Potato Eaters' based on the Northern Renaissance' traditions, we will go all the way to his last art piece called 'Wheatfield with Crows'.
    Together with you we will explore how his technic, style and, most importantly, personality have been changing during the whole life.
    How has he influenced art in XX century? How has he expressed his feelings on the canvas, whether it is love or hate? How can we see a real person behind the cliches?
    Let’s find out together!

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