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Vesuvius 79 AD


clock1 hour 30 minutes


    "Vesuvius 79 A.D." is a unique workshop which offers the incredible opportunity to relive "live" the eruption wich destroyed Pompeii, completely reconstructed thanks to video footage of "Plinian" eruptions occurred around the world.

    You will participate in a video-narrated workshop enriched by the possibility of manipulating the volcanic products that struck Pompeii, and by the possibility of recreating and observing, live, the chemical-physical mechanisms underlying the eruption. Our "narrator" will describe the various phases of the eruption interacting with you and anticipating the contents of the explanatory videos organized in clips of two minutes. Thanks to the video clips it will be possible to "see" also the fate of some inhabitants of Pompeii filmed in contexts sometimes tragic, sometimes ironic even during the cataclysm in progress

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