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VIP Michelin Private Experience & Chef’s Table


clock2 hours 30 minutes


    Enjoy a unique culinary experience created just for you. Feel like a modern royalty and indulge in Milanese cuisine crafted from the best ingredients. Visit three different Michelin Stars Restaurants and taste top-notch culinary creations.
    Next is a place which has been around for over 50 years and it combines the modern Italian cuisine with poetry and artwork. The chef’s team is the most famous in the city and they will craft the best dishes just for you. Enjoy three appetizers that combine amazing bites and tastes. Feel like a true Milanese in this classy restaurant.
    Let's take a taxi and your local foodie will bring you to your next destination, restaurant Joia. In this exclusive setting, you’ll be amazed by the variety of colors and combinations of flavors on one plate. A chef who is known as ‘the guru of natural haute cuisine’ and the restaurant is the first vegetarian restaurant in Europe to be starred by a Michelin Star.

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