Walking Tour in La Candelaria Bogotá

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    Join us in this amazing free walking tour through Bogotá's downtown district and learn all about the city's history and culture, making friends along the way.

    La Candelaria is a creative hot-spot of Bogotá. There’s nothing like it anywhere else in this sprawling city. Art-deco and colonial houses, with baroque churches behind them; the old and the new intermingled in this free walking tour Bogotá.

    Join one of our guides in the heart of Bogotá and discover what this neighborhood has hidden away. Inscribed in graffiti and mixed in the drinks, you’ll discover Bogotá’s colonial and indigenous past, the roots of Colombian history.

    A confluence of culture and conflict can be felt all around, as you follow a trail of graffiti through old city streets. Learn about the impact of Colombian drug trafficking, emerald mafia, and how all lines up with its +50 year old armed conflict. State, drugs, war, guerrillas, trade: a volatile mixture that has often blinded us to the better side of Colombia.

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