Wine and Beer Tasting Private Tour in Moscow


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    Wanderers and travelers in Russia always had a special respect. They walked from village to village, leaning on staffs. The staff was both a support in long passages, and protection from a dashing beast.
    Before the road, the wanderers took a staff in their hands and stopped at the gate of their native house. Then they were presented with a cup on the staff, which was literally placed on the staff, on its upper straight section. Hence the proverb "Drink for a drink" appeared.
    Where did the expressions "Penalty shot glass", "One hundred frontline", "For three" come from? Why can't an empty bottle be put on the table and why pour the wine clockwise? The answers to these and many questions will be told to you during our slightly intoxicated journey, which will take you into the magical world of winemakers and brewers, whose art and experience are passed down from generation to generation, but have been hidden under a veil of secrecy until now.

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