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Yummy Brussels for Foodie Families Private Tour


clock2 hours


    Get your family to fall in love with all the tasty treasures Brussels has to offer! In this private family tour, you can discover the city bite by bite together with your local foodie by your side! 
    Local families start their day with their favorite pistolet sandwich. Filled with ham & cheese, the name means ‘to spill’. Locals know when a pistolet place is yummy when they see the local police lineup. Get ready for some ultimate street food: escargots!
    Take a bite and find out why these delicious escargots are so famous. Taste the best falafel ever. The freshly made falafels come with wholemeal pitta bread, green salad, and delicious hummus.
    Head to a cafe with a storied past to try the famous ‘bloempanch’ sausage or cheese platter and enjoy it with an ice cold local Belgian beer or soda.
    Top off your private family food experience with a visit to an old-fashioned cafe under the glass arch of a beautiful gallery. Bite into an authentic Brussels waffle that is crispy on the outside.

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