Zagreb Urban Kayaking Tour


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    Croatia has the Adriatic Sea but Zagreb has Lake Jarun.

    Ready to escape the city heat- We have ideal activity that will for sure get you cooled down. While enjoying your city break in Zagreb which sits just below Medvednica Mountain nature park you’ll have unique opportunity to enjoy outdoors on open waters of nearby Lake Jarun. Small and Big Lake are perfect for kayaking sessions aimed at the group of friends and families.

    Paddle strokes will lead you to open waters of Small lake neighboring the Big Lake which is one of the best rowing tracks in the world. Shallow bayous with dense canopy vegetation will for sure create an experience of total wilderness.

    Located just mere 30 min from the city center Lake Jarun is a perfect location for immersing yourself into a micro adventure like kayaking. Three hour long kayaking session is ideal refreshment from the heat of the day. In the end, you'll still have plenty of time to explore Zagreb and its bohemian atmosphere.

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