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Bovilla tour from Tirana , 1 day

clock 7 to 8 hours
  • We will meet in the morning at 09:00 AM at hotel/meeting point and starting our trip to the lake of Bovilla . The road is about 21 km distance where half of it is off road. We will look at the suburban neighborhoods of Tirana where you will see a very different lifestyle from the city . We drive up the lake dam and after we reach Bovilla Lake we...Read more

Communist History Tour Tirana & Street Food

clock 8 hours
  • Just a few days in Albania, you will get a sense of our 50 – year – old communist legacy. Let’s explore together the soil in which Albanian roots are planted. This tour is frighteningly exciting, historical, realistically subtle in a way that life today can’t capture.


    Departure: 09:00...Read more

Pellumbas Cave tour from Tirana - 1 day

clock 7 hours
  • The Pellumbas Cave, also known as the Black Cave, is an archaeological site in Albania near the village of Pellumbas.
    We will travel from Tirana to Pellumbasi village with a minibus for 45 min, then we will start hiking to our destination. The path is an average level and it’s marked. The forest, the Erzen River, Dajti Mountain and the view...Read more

Daytrip to Korce "Little Paris" & Pogradec in Lake Ohrid

clock 7 to 9 minutes
  • Korca is considered the birthplace of Albania's literary and artistic identity and city's charm and traditions continue to reflect this heritage. Korca's urban architecture, with its Ottoman, French and Aromanian influences, wide tree-lined boulevards and ample parks provide a completely unique experience in Albania.
    Let us take you to...Read more

Tirana tour - 3 days

clock 3 days
  • Tirana, the capital of Albania, is one of the most attractive place.The city is always a mix of the old and the new that are in harmony with each other.They are Communist flats painted with modern pictures, , the clock tower and the new Scanderbeg Square that are close to each other but with a completely different story, the noisy city with its...Read more

Thethi tour from Tirana - Private Tour , 2 days

clock 2 days
  • Alps of Albania are a miracle of nature. You will have the opportunity to see a part of them by visiting Thethi. This area is surrounded by mountains and wild forests.

    There are only guesthouses in harmony with the mountains and the fantastic nature.Traditional bio food and hospitality is one of the added values this tur is giving to you...Read more

Hiking in Qafshtama National Park from Tirana -1 day

clock 8 to 9 hours
  • National Park of Qafshtama is one of the best park in Albania . The park is mostly undeveloped mountain land with forests, in which pine trees, and oak dominate. The black pines are up to 20 meters high and 60 years old , which make if a place with good climatic conditions believed to help relieve lung...Read more

Night tours of the South

clock 7 days
  • This tour is more likely supposed to be embraced by millennials and people with an active lifestyle. We do not take responsibility for those expecting something ‘not wild’.

    This tour will be filled with loud places, alcohol and nighttime staying awake, with lots of chance that during the tour the cellphones will be turned off....Read more

Artisan's place visit and local products' tasting by 1001 Albanian Adventures

clock 1 to 3 hours
  • Artisans of Berat are very talented and through this tour we would like to emphasize their talent. we will visit one artisan's workplace , so we can better know his work, his conditions, history of the family and the inherited art etc. At the same time we are going to visit his home to have a local experience and taste delicious gliko his wife has...Read more

Historical Bunkart Tour By Car Including Lunch

clock 6 hours
  • An in depth look at both BunkArt1 & 2, including lunch at one of Tirana's top new tourist destinations New Bazaar. Learn about the history of the communist rule and the rise of Albania against its enemies. All entrance fees are included and your expert local...Read more

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