Full Day Sailing Trip to Nusa Lembongan from Ubud

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    This is a full - day tour package that takes you into the white sand beaches and the crashing water waves of Nusa Lembongan Island. On this tour, you will cruise the amazing island on a catamaran and visit the scenic village of Nusa Lembongan located on the island. The village is known for its numerous tropical gardens, tremendous local houses and building, monuments and gems. During this tour, you will have the privileged to participate in a lot of activities like snorkeling and swimming at a beach in a private club of the region. Furthermore, you will savor on a delicious barbeque meal on the Island which will be your lunch for the day.

    Transportation on this tour will be joined transfers with a driver only from the selective beaches and regions only to Benoa Barbour. This tour includes ticket for you to slide into a private beach club where you will enjoy various water activities when you get to Nusa Lembongan Village. With this package, you are free from all taxes, charges and handling fees associated with the island visit and exploration. However, travelers are advised to bring along extra pair clothes, sun cream, sun glasses and a hat/cap. Also note that, tour can be cancelled if there is an unfavorable weather condition.

    This beach and island tour have attracted the commendations and recommendations from travelers especially first - time visitors. Throughout the day, travelers were able to testify to the awesome experience they had. From the activities part to the sightseeing part, they were really filled with unforgettable moments. This is a fun - filled adventure tour for you, grab your booking now.

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