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Frankfurt Bike Tour

Frankfurt Bike Tour Tickets

Duration: Three hours

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Highlights of Tour:
  • An introductory tour of Frankfurt, its attractions and points of interest in an entertaining manner.
  • Tour of the Old Town of Frankfurt and the city's trendy district of Sachsenhausen.
  • Ride via traffic-free roads of this cycle-friendly German city.
What You Will Do?
  • Explore the city of Frankfurt by bike and learn insider tips that will benefit you for the duration of your stay.
  • Pass by top attractions of the city, cozy cafes, reputable restaurants and half-timber structures.
  • Acquaint yourself with the Old Town, Museum Embankment and Sachsenhausen, the most fashionable district of Frankfurt.
What Tours Includes?
  • Map of the city
  • Saddle bag and the storage for luggage
What Travellers Saying about Tour?
  • This tour covered the city centre highlights together with a nice ride along the river.
  • The bike tour around Frankfurt was good.
  • Awesome
Is It Right Tour for Me?
  • The tour of Frankfurt by bike is a great way to explore the city for repeated and new visitors.
  • The activity is suitable for travelers with an average level of fitness.
  • The guided tour is especially suitable for travelers with limited time since it introduces the city in an efficient manner.

Green Segway Tour Frankfurt

Green Segway Tour Frankfurt Tickets

Duration: Two hours

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Highlights of Tour:
  • Frankfurt Segway Tour is an entertaining activity introducing off-the-beaten paths.
  • The route of the tour encompasses meadows, ponds, lakes and other green areas of Frankfurt.
  • Hochst, a picturesque suburb of Frankfurt with half-timber houses, is also along the route.
What You Will Do?
  • Ride a Segway to explore the nature of Frankfurt and the city's suburb of Hochst.
  • Admire half-timber houses, forests, lakes and meadows.
  • Besides local flora, see animals inhabiting the area.
What Tours Includes?
  • Rental of Segway and accompanying equipment
  • Expert local guide
What Travellers Saying about Tour?
  • Great experience and very worthwhile
  • Great Tour of Frankfurt Green Belt
  • Very pleasant guide and good value for money
Is It Right Tour for Me?
  • The tour is especially recommended to naturalists and fans of open spaces.
  • The activity is suitable for travelers over 15.
  • Devotees of beautiful architecture should also join the tour.