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Bike Tours in Helsinki & Segway Tours in Helsinki

Helsinki Nature E-Bike Tour

1. Helsinki Nature E-Bike Tour

clock Duration: 3 to 4 hou
  • Helsinki Nature tour aims to take travelers to the awesome seaside, fields and forests by means of cycling.
  • This guarantees tourists to enjoy renowned Finnish nature while on vacation.
  • It offers tourists the opportunity to explore the greenest cities in the globe.
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Helsinki Winter Fatbike

2. Helsinki Winter Fatbike

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • Helsinki is full of nature and a great way to explore it is by riding a Fatbike. The bikes are easy to ride and fun is guaranteed. Join us on an...
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Helsinki Overnight Escape E-Bike Tour

3. Helsinki Overnight Escape E-Bike Tour

clock Duration: 2 days
  • This compact e-bike tour west of Helsinki offers so much in just two days. Hop on your bike and cycle west along the Espoo Waterfront Walkway. Enjoy...
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Helsinki Wellness E-Bike Tour

4. Helsinki Wellness E-Bike Tour

clock Duration: 3 days
  • Cycling with quality e-bikes in Finnish nature is great. Combine this with delicious food, nice hotels and sauna and spa treatments, and you get a...
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Helsinki Western Delights E-Bike Tour

5. Helsinki Western Delights E-Bike Tour

clock Duration: 5 days
  • So you want an interesting bike tour in Finland and not far from Helsinki? Check this out. Old ironworks villages, countryside and sea views,...
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Helsinki Eastern Loop E-Bike Tour

6. Helsinki Eastern Loop E-Bike Tour

clock Duration: 4 days
  • East of Helsinki we have a lot of traditional farming landscapes but also dense protected forests. A lot of elks and deer roam here. Your e-bike tour...
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Turku Archipelago E-Bike Tour

7. Turku Archipelago E-Bike Tour

clock Duration: 5 days
  • Summer in Finland, Turku Archipelago and e-bikes. We like! This bike tour starts with a beautiful boat ride from Turku to Nauvo island. Sit back and...
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Turku & Åland Archipelago E-Bike Tour

8. Turku & Åland Archipelago E-Bike Tour

clock Duration: 9 days
  • The Finnish Archipelago consists of thousands of islands, making it one of the biggest archipelagos in the world. It is a beautiful myriad of water...
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Lakes & Forests E-Bike Tour

9. Lakes & Forests E-Bike Tour

clock Duration: 9 days
  • This e-bike tour offers a fine presentation of traditional farming country and river valleys on the coast, plus endless forests and lakes as the...
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Lakeland Explorer E-Bike Tour

10. Lakeland Explorer E-Bike Tour

clock Duration: 12 days
  • Finland is often called “The Land of Thousand Lakes”. Take this epic Lakeland bike tour and see for yourself what it’s all about. Ride through...
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FAQs about Helsinki Bike Tours

Helsinki bike tours are amazing and fun-filled tours that take tourists round to sightsee Helsinki's main attractions and also allow you to explore the local streets and neighbourhoods in Helsinki on the back of bikes or bicycles. They also take you to places where motors, buses and minivans can't ride through.

How much is a Bike tour in Helsinki?

Helsinki bike tours offer exhilarating and exciting services; imagine cycling on the streets of Helsinki at dawn or dusk! The price of Helsinki bike tours varies based on which service you crave for and they range from €89.00 and go up to €1860.00.