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Top Sightseeing Pass in Brussels

The Brussels city passes are cards that will last you for days to enable you discover Brussels on a large scale with access to all its main attractions. Below are some of the best Brussels city passes that you can’t find easily. We have specifically sort them with all the necessary information you will need to embark on a city tour in the Belgian capital. With the ski-the-line Brussels pass, you get admission to major attractions in the city without any delays or joining long queues. It rather gives you access to more than 40 museums in Brussels, discounts at some select shops, restaurants and attractions.

If you are in Brussels and you have 1, 2, or 3-days to spare, then you can get a Brussels sightseeing pass, the Brussels travel cards, or a Brussels combination passes. With these passes, you get access to free public transportation which is convenient and perfect for travellers in group, families or friends, to save you cost and time. A city attractions pass will get you fast-track entry at the Museum of the City of Brussels, Botanic Garden Meise, Art and History Museum, BElvue Museum, AutoWorld, BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Rene Magritte Museum, Coudenberg Palace, and many others.

Best Brussels City Pass Price

Multi-pass card to over 49 Museums in Brussels €29
Brussels Public Transport Travel Card €43
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Multi-pass card to over 49 Museums in Brussels

1. Multi-pass card to over 49 Museums in Brussels

clock Duration: 3 days
  • This is a card that lasts for days having you discover Brussels city at large including all main attractions that makes up the Brussels city.
  • It is a perfect tour that gives you free access into over 41 museums across the Belgian Capital - Brussels at large.
  • It is also a card that offers you eccentric discounts when you go
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Brussels Public Transport Travel Card

2. Brussels Public Transport Travel Card

clock Duration: 72 Hours
  • A journey to Brussels may be what you've been dreaming of for a long time. But the travel card can make this dream even better
  • First off, it starts with a one-way private transfer that takes you from the airport to your hotel in the city. After you're done resting, there's also unlimited access to public transport to make your whole
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FAQs about Brussels Sightseeing Passes

Brussels Sightseeing passes are cards designed to make you have free or reduced access into the most popular tourist attractions in Brussels which means they provide you a great way of saving time and money as you explore Brussels city.