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Chicago Attractions Pass

The Chicago City pass is a combination of visitor experiences that would give tourists the best time in the city. Chicago is s beautiful city with a lot of amazing sites that tourists can explore like the Sky deck, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago field museum, Adler Planetarium and so many other incredible places. We have made a list of Chicago city pass options so you would not have a hard time finding the perfect city pass to explore. Some of our tour specials like the Chicago sightseeing passes, Chicago attraction passes and Chicago travel cards were included to give travellers the best time in Chicago.

The skip-the-line Belfast passes with fast track admission to attractions and activities are suitable for families and couples who want to have a swell time without having to queue or follow the unnecessary long process. The Chicago combination passes and Chicago attraction passes allow travelers to explore different locations in Chicago with comfort and joy while they take pictures and make happy memories with their friends, loved ones and families. The beautiful thing about the Chicago city pass is that it is suitable for all ages, both children, adults and the old as this tour makes provisions for all ages so they can have the best time.

Chicago CityPASS

1. Chicago CityPASS

clock Duration: 9 days
  • Get the chance to explore the city of Chicago
  • Trip entitles the traveller to a 9-day tour pass to visit various places of Chicago
  • An opportunity to spend less money and get to see places like Shedd Aquarium, Skydeck, and the Chicago Field Museum, which are considered to be the best locations in the city.
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Go Chicago Explorer Pass with SkyDeck and 360 Chicago

2. Go Chicago Explorer Pass with SkyDeck and 360 Chicago

clock Duration: 60 days
  • Explore the city with this Go Chicago Explorer Pass
  • This trip includes a visit to the Skydeck and 360 Chicago Tower
  • Main attractions include Lincoln Park Zoo, 10pin bowling lounge, Museum of Contemporary Arts, American Writers Museum, and Brookfield Zoo
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Chicago Helicopter Tour Nighttime Experience

3. Chicago Helicopter Tour Nighttime Experience

clock Duration: 12 to 15 m
  • Chicago Helicopter Experience provides you the most spectacular, panoramic views of the world’s best skyline.  Your exclusive experience begins at...
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Go Chicago All-Inclusive Pass with Skip the Line Access

4. Go Chicago All-Inclusive Pass with Skip the Line Access

clock Duration: 1 to 5 day
  • With the Go Chicago All-Inclusive Pass, get access to more than 30 top Chicago attractions, tours and activities all at one low price! Enjoy fun...
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FAQs about Chicago Sightseeing Passes

Chicago Sightseeing passes are cards designed to make you have free or reduced access into the most popular tourist attractions in Chicago which means they provide you a great way of saving time and money as you explore Chicago city.

Are Chicago attractions Chicago passes/Discount cards worth it?

Chicago passes/discount cards offer great advantages, saving you a great deal of money that should be spent on each attraction visit in Chicago, offer discounted tour combinations, make every minute full of activity, help you build a personalized Chicago itinerary, provide discounted Chicago public transportation, provide a self-paced tour and much more.

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