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Private Market Visit and Cooking Class in Goa

Private Market Visit and Cooking Class in Goa Tickets

Duration: 3 hours

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Highlights of Tour:
  • This tour is a private market viisit tour
  • This private tour also gives a cooking class in Goa
  • Knowledge about the local specialities are gained
What You Will Do?
  • The tour starts in Goa at 9:30 am
  • Tourists will explore the local market
  • Tourists will learn a variety of dishes
What Tours Includes?
  • Tourists are greeted with welcome drinks and snacks
  • Local and regional dishes are prepared
  • After cooking, they will have their meal that they have prepared
What Travellers Saying about Tour?
  • The tourists were impressed by the presentation of the tour
  • Tourists found the host vey flexible
  • They got to learn some wonderful dishes
Is It Right Tour for Me?
  • Vegetarian ,meal option is available

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