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The biggest challenge for most travellers is getting the best tours to participate in while on a visit to a different place or city. Walking is one of the best ways to tour and see any city, which also applies to Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. It is a gateway into the deep parts of the city on foot and with the help of a tour guide an exceptional tour guide with a lot of knowledge about the conflict that troubled Belfast in the past. A lot of tourists including tour companies left great reviews and recommendations for the best walking tour in Belfast which we have selected for you.

For travellers who love the evening outdoors, there are night walking tours in Belfast that you could embark on to see sights such as the Titanic Belfast, Belfast city hall, Belfast Castle, Ulster Museum, HMS Caroline World War I surviving ship, and so much more. A Belfast guided walking tour is one other way to get around by using the Belfast walking routes. If you don not like long queues and you are with your family or group of tourists, you will enjoy skip-the-line admission at top attractions while on a Belfast history walking tour or Belfast food walking tours. For many travellers who would just like to explore the outdoors, you surely will enjoy the free walking tours in Belfast.

IRA Troubles Conflict Private Tour including Murals and Political Analysis

IRA Troubles Conflict Private Tour including Murals and Political Analysis Tickets

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Places & Sightseeing tours customer reviews5.0 (5 Reviews) (5 Reviews)



Highlights of Tour:
  • An exceptional tour with a guide who is an Irish Republican Political Activist and have much knowledge about the conflict that troubled Belfast in the past
  • It is an history based tour where you will learn how they targeted at ending the British supremacy into creating a United Ireland
  • A visit to areas tourist don’t usually go like the private museum not readily open to the public where you’ll see hidden rare gems
What You Will Do?
  • Follow your professional local guide into regions where the political conflict affected and how they evolved into the new Belfast we have today
  • Make your signature at the Peace walls amidst other signatures, be mesmerized with the wall murals and learn the story behind their creations
  • Know from the Republican standpoint from the start in 1969 to this day, as well as the last 800 years of British career
What Tours Includes?
  • Private transportation
  • Travel in an Air Conditioned treat vehicle
  • Navigation handling by the driver while you handle the admiration
  • Full information about the City’s conflict history
What Travellers Saying about Tour?
  • It was a wonderful tour filled with lots and lots of fun
  • I never knew the history was this deep until we got into this tour and we learnt what we’ve never learnt before
Is It Right Tour for Me?
  • A right option for you where you will learn and see what other ordinary tourists can’t hear or see
  • Interesting tour for you, anybody and everybody on visit to the beautiful city

Titanic Walking Tour in Belfast

Titanic Walking Tour in Belfast Tickets

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Places & Sightseeing tours customer reviews4.5 (282 Reviews) (282 Reviews)



Highlights of Tour:
  • A visit into the rich multimedia spectacle that stands on the site where the ill – fated liner was built and did her first debut voyage
  • It is a delve into the building built opened in 2012 to celebrate the 100th year anniversary since the heartbreaking titanic experience happened
  • It is an exploration into the six floors of the building, the reconstructions and the real – life ordeal survivors of the tragic happening left behind
What You Will Do?
  • Immerse yourself in the beauty that the reconstruction brought into the sites where the luxury ship did her first trip
  • Explore places of interest from the Ocean Exploration Centre to the modern underwater links and finally to the Titanic Banqueting Hall
  • After having the full Titanic Experience, make your way into the tender SS Nomadic – a maiden ship to the Titanic
What Tours Includes?
  • Trip with a professional local guide
  • 1 hr 30 mins tour
  • Full Exploration
What Travellers Saying about Tour?
  • Going back in history was interesting and the beautiful reconstructions were awesome
  • It was a totally titanic tour, we stroll through the exhibitions halls taking us into the full history itself
Is It Right Tour for Me?
  • Absolutely right for everybody especially Titanic – stricken people and lovers
  • A perfect choice for couple’s outing and family excursion

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