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Tenerife Mount Teide Hiking Tour with Cable Car

Tenerife Mount Teide Hiking Tour with Cable Car Tickets

Duration: The duration of this outdoor experience is between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the chosen provider. The hiking tour itself lasts around an hour.

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Highlights of Tour:
  • An organized hiking tour of Mount Teide.
  • An opportunity to examine beautiful landscapes on your way up from the cable car.
  • A chance to see Tenerife and other Canary Islands from the summit of the highest mountain in Spain.
What You Will Do?
  • Cover the ground from the landing point of the cable car to Mount Teide's summit on foot.
  • See petrified lava rivers and various formations on your way up.
What Tours Includes?
  • Pickups and transfers.
  • Professional guidance.
What Travellers Saying about Tour?
  • Tourists have a very high opinion of the hiking tour on Mount Teide.
  • They have enjoyed observing the island and its surrounding area from the highest vantage point in Spain.
Is It Right Tour for Me?
  • The tour is suitable for everyone with moderate fitness abilities.

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