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Belgium’s capital city is a compact one full of history and ancient architectural attractions. The city is a melting pot of different atmosphere, which showcases the entirety of Europe in one setting. Brussels is very proud owner of its flower covered Grand Palace, its world famous chocolate and waffles and the city’s own mascot, the Mannekin Pis.

The good news is getting around this wonderful city is made easy due to a number of available transportation options such as the public bus or the metro service. You can also opt to rent a bike or share a car. Just make sure to have a copy of the Brussels Metro Map andthe Brussels Transport Map. Both maps are useful for making your trip memorable as it shows in detail where best to go if you are looking for a specific event, restaurant or location to explore.

If you want to explore Brussels famous attractions, get a copy of the BrusselsTourist Sightseeing Map. This map will be your guide into the city’s major tourist destination like the Atomium, Belgian Comic Strip Center, Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Grand Palace, Mannekin Pis, Royal Palace, Saint-Michel Cathedral, Mont des Arts and so many more!

Many of the tourist spots in Brussels are located in close proximity with each other and within walking distance so going on foot is not a problem. To help you locate which amazing sights are within the area, make use of the Brussels Walking Tour Maps. There’s a walking map that will surely suit your need that you can follow or you can make your own!

The Brussels Hop on Hop off Bus Tour is also available for those who just want to enjoy the view and observe comfortably. Plan your tour ahead by checking the bus schedules and getting the free printable copy of the Brussels Hop on Hop off Bus map.

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