3-hour Beer Tasting Tour in Brussels

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    Ever been to Belgium? If yes, then do you know what it is famous for? Belgium is famous worldwide among beer lovers for its amazing variety of beer and the unique brewery culture. And all beer lovers would like to experience it themselves. Thus, grab this exciting opportunity of delightful beer tasting on this unique 3 hour beer tasting tour in Brussels. You will explore the wonderful city of Brussels through its rich brewing ways, culture and traditions. Also, you will get to learn really interesting traditional Trappist brewing techniques that will substantially add to your knowledge about the industry. And all these along with the sampling of delightful local beer in three of the finest bars in the city. So, be ready!

    Get dressed and pack as you have to be on time to reach the centrally located departure point for the tour. Your well-informed, friendly, decent local guide will greet you there along with your fellow participants. From there, set off for a refreshing day exploring the city and tasting the beer. You will first visit the famous spot of Scott's Bar & Kitchen. Start your drinking feast with crisp and refreshing Belgian brew visits in the heart of the city. After this, you will visit the prominent landmark of the city - Sablon. Your expert guide will explain all the ins and outs of the famous beer industry in Brussels which is an important part of the city culture. Stroll along the charming streets and lanes of the city to visit some of the wonderful bars in the city. With each beer tasting, you will know why the beer in Brussels is different compared to the rest of the world!

    Calm your minds as there is no doubt that the tour is an amazing opportunity to encounter the iconic beer industry and culture of the city in the most delightful and interesting way possible. The perfect group of a maximum of 40 travellers makes it even more preferable. Thus, book your trip now!

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