Punting Tour in Cambridge

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    This tour gives you a feel of what it means to be English. On the tour, you'll be treated to the fantasies and beautiful Cam River. These people enjoy an English-themed holiday which takes you to Cambridge. Get into your punt by the river banks and relax. The punt will take you slowly and smoothly down the waterways. Along the way, you'll observe top action attractions such as the Bridge of Sighs, King's College Chapel and Mathematical Bridge. This tour is designed to teach you so much about the interesting history of Cambridge. Perhaps, if you'll be going on this tour during the harsh summer, then you'll be provided with cushions, umbrellas, blankets. It gives you a great overview of the university and you're able to mention its most prominent features. Explore the whole region like a local.

    This tour is a sightseeing experience and you'll definitely have to share your punt with other travelers. During the hot summer, travelers are provided with cushions, umbrellas, and blankets. In the winter, they are given hot water bottles to keep them refreshed. This tour is available all year long and in all weather conditions, so make sure to dress appropriately. The ticket is valid for 6 months after purchase. The tour has a limit of 12 travelers. The tour depends on the present-day river conditions.

    It was an excellent experience and a great history lesson as the tour guide was very knowledgeable. The guide told us vital information about the different action attractions along the way.

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