Best Car Rental Qatar

The State of Qatar is an Arab emirate in the Middle East. It is situated on the Qatar Peninsula and occupies more than 11 400 square kilometres. The permanent population of Qatar is just under 1.7 million people living within the limits of the state. The capital and biggest city in Qatar is Doha. Qatar has a huge amount of natural gas and oil reserves and as such is one of the richest states in the region ? something that, in 2010, made it hold the title of world?s highest GDP per capita. The economy of Qatar is driven to a large extent by these gas and oil reserves. Islam is the prominent religion in Qatar with about 80 percent of the population being Muslim. Christianity does exist in the region.

The Climate in Qatar is a hot, arid and dry climate with less than 100mm of rain falling per year. Temperatures in Qatar over the year average at 32.6 degrees Celsius and the hottest months, June, July and August have an average high temperature of 41 degrees Celsius while the cooler months, December, January and February often post high temperatures of over 22 degrees Celsius.

Tourists to the state often enjoy the natural surroundings of Qatar as well as the buzz of the modern city. While not as popular as the nearby Dubai for shopping trips, Qatar has several marge shopping malls and markets, primarily in Doha. If you want to get out onto the water you can do so here too, with a number of businesses being built from the hire of water sports gear along the coast. There are several parks in Qatar too like the Al Rumalia Park and Dahl El-Hamam Public Park both of which offer green lawns and a place to relax inside the bustling city centre of Doha.

Because of the very low price of petrol, most residents of Doha get around by car using the state?s incredibly complex and advanced roads system. Because of this, hiring a car is cheap and easy and highly recommended if you?re visiting the state. Use to find and book it when you need car hire in Qatar.