Best Car Rental Aiya Napa

Ayia-Napa is a large resort on the southern coast of Cyprus. It?s famous for its white sandy beaches and in recent years has become a party capital ? akin to the likes of Ibiza and Mykonos. It has a population of just 2700 people and gets its name from a Venetian monastery of the same name. The word Ayia-Napa loosely translated means Holy Wooded Valley which seems fitting since in ancient times, the area surrounding Ayia-Napa was covered with thick forest.

Tourists flock to Aiya-Napa throughout the year for its well-known beaches where sunbathing, swimming and water sports such as windsurfing, canoeing, scuba diving, water skiing and speed boating are immensely popular. The most popular of all the beaches is Nissi beach, frequented most often by the younger generation and can get quite crowded in the summer. Another very popular beach is Harbor Beach ? known to the locals as Pantahou Beach) which is also the longest beach in Aiya Napa and, in fact, one of Cyprus? longest beaches. There are many different hotels situated on Missi Road right along the beachfront which makes this a very popular tourist destination.

For those looking for the nightlife experience, they?ll find it in The Square, which is in the centre of town and filled with top class restaurants, shops and night clubs. The Castle Club and Nikita?s are arguably the two biggest and most popular clubs in Aiya-Napa. These clubs have gone a long way to shifting the image of the town from a small fishing village to a popular destination for visitors and tourists of all ages.

Aiya-Napa, amongst incredible beaches, water sports and a vibrant nightlife, is also rich with history. It has a number of museums through the town, like the Makronissos Tombs which are an ancient burial site found to the west of Ayia-Napa. There is also a large focus on marine life with the Tornaritis ? Pierides Museum of Marine Life and Thalassa (or the Municipal Museum of Sea).