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Best Car Rentals Alicante

History Alicante

Humans have inhabited Alicante for over 7000 years, beginning around 4000 BC. Around 1000 BC, Greek and Phoenician traders recognized the value for import and export and used the city port for trading. The Roman and Carthaginian armies fought for control over Alicante and the entire Iberian Peninsula in the 3rd century BC. The Carthaginian army won, naming the city Akra Leuka (White Mountain). During the early centuries of AD, the city remained conquered by Carthage, though many outlying areas belonged to the Romans. This reign gave way to the Arab conquest of the 8th century, from which the Moors gained control over much of southern Spain. Alfonso X conquered the city in 1246 only to pass it to the rule of King James II of Aragon by 1298. The city and port became an important location for the trade of wine, rice, oranges, wool, and olive oil. Unfortunately, around 1609 to 1614, King Felipe III sent away thousands of trade workers, charging them with allegiance and fraternization with the pirates of the Barbary Coast, virtually shutting down the port. Around World War I, the city port was brought back into glory, exporting and importing at will due to the neutrality of Spain. Alicante was the last city to remain loyal to the Republican government of the nation during the Spanish Civil War, when Dictator Franco took control. This reign caused hardship for Spain. Alicante bounced back by the 1950 and 1960s, welcoming a burgeoning tourism industry to the shores of the Costa Blanca. At the death of Franco in 1975, the nation became a democratic constitutional monarchy, governed by Juan Carlos I, who gave the regions of Spain more autonomy, which served Alicante well. From the 1980s to present day, the port is an important part of the economy of the region and is currently one of the most important cruise ports in all of Spain. Car hire Alicante Airport is available on-site for travellers seeking to explore the historical sights of Alicante as well as the gorgeous shoreline of the Costa Blanca.


Like any other place this place is a must go in the summers, in the months of July to October, but when going during these months remember the sunshine can become unbearable therefore you might have to take care as well. Consult the weather chart to see what suits you best.

Arrival to Alicante

Spending a holiday at Alicante is a divine experience. The city is easily accessible through numerous transportation facilities. The airport of Alicante has arrivals from both with in Spain and outside of Spain territory. Routine flights of Alicante airport are from Barcelona, Ibiza and Madrid.

At the Alicante airport you must know one of two languages in order to communicate with the staff of the airport. Most of them can only speak Spanish and broken English. However many employs can also speak good English. Whatever may be the case, the staff of the airport is very friendly and patient. The most abundant cases of misery in Alicante airport are the lost of luggage. Nevertheless the airport administration is efficient enough and will deliver it to you one day later to the place you are staying at.

To guide you through the city are Alicante airport bus, Alicante airport taxi and Alicante Car Hire Airport. The Alicante bus has bus stops from within the city till the Central Train Station of Alicante. Alicante airport taxi is another way to explore the city and its towns. However in comparison to the airport bus and taxi the Alicante Car Hire Airport is a better and more convenient service to avail. Unlike busses it does not have any fixed stations and it is a lot more cheap and affordable than the airport?s taxi service.

If you do not wish to come to Alicante by air, there is an alternative present. Alicante train is connected to cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia City. In addition to these the train is also connected to smaller towns and localities along the coast.

Alicante City Transport

Alicante is a beautiful city that urges you to explore it the moment you land your feet on its ground. Due to the immense tourist interest in the city the transport system has been made very easy and efficient. There are a number of transporting services available all around the city and you can choose one that matches your requirements best.

The services available are busses, trains, taxis, Alicante’s car hire Airport and Alicante’s streetcar.

The bus system of Alicante is very convenient and affordable for tourists as well as locals. The bus tickets are cheap and bus stops are located all over Alicante for convenience. To obtain discount tickets you can buy them in advance from kiosks around the city and at TAM ticket offices. These buses travel from Airport to numerous places along the city and also to the Central Train station of Alicante.

The train centre of Alicante is located at city center on Avenida de Salamanca. There is not a local train service in the city of Alicante; however it connects to the small towns and localities in neighboring areas of Alicante. From the train station of Alicante you can travel to other major cities of Spain and also trains to France.

Taxis are also a good option to travel around the city of Alicante. The fares are charged according to the distance traveled like in any other city.

Best Alicante

Alicante is a popular holiday spot because there is such a rich history in the region, which is highlighted by magnificent architecture and a beach right at the heart of the city. The Castle of Santa Barbara is one of the more sought-after stops in Alicante. The castle is perched atop of Mount Benacantil and looms 166 metres over the city below. Visitors wanting to climb the steps to the castle for free while travellers wishing to take a ride up to the top may take a ride on the elevator (located at the core of the mountain) for 2.40 Euros. Other historical sites in Alicante include the Basilica of Santa Maria, which dates back to the 14th century, the 15th century monastery of Santa Fez, and the 18th century convent of Canonigas de San Agustin. There are a number of beautiful parks in the area as well. El Palmeral Park is a favourite park that has plenty of trails, playgrounds and picnic facilities as well and an auditorium on site. Furthermore, of note is the Lereta Park, which is located along the way to the Castle of Santa Barbara. The Archaeological Museum has a number of exhibits from the region dating back as far as the Stone Age. Art lovers will enjoy the Gravina Museum of Fine Arts and the Asegurada Museum of Modern Art, the latter of which has a large collection of art from the twentieth century, while the Gravina Museum of Fine Arts showcases works from the ranger of the 16th to 19th centuries. These two museums are also housed in historical buildings. The Gravina Museum of Fine Arts is in the former Gravina Palace, which was used from 1748 to 1808, and the Asegurada Museum of Modern Arts is located in the Casa consistorial de Alicante, an 18th century Baroque style house. Budget car hire Alicante Airport is useful when travelling to Alicante. There are many on-site car hire desks at the airport, including Sixt , Europcar, and Auriga Crown.

Attractions of Alicante

Alicante is an indulging and marvelous city with an array of activities to be a part of and variety of locations to visit. The high quality of life of Alicante has much more to offer than just daily sunshine and cool breeze from the Mediterranean Sea. There are many outdoor activities to be a part of in Alicante. Alicante has cultural and religious festivals almost all year long and its scenic beauty and enthusiastic people compliment it.

To roam around freely in the city and province of Alicante, Car hire Alicante Airport is a good facility. All of the car hiring companies are listed with this authority and you can choose the car of your choice to see the city and its surrounding areas without worrying much about the cost as it is kept very low considering the convenience of tourist.

There are a number of possibilities to discover Alicante. You can obtain a horse at the countryside, bicycle, balloon or a canoe.

    Alicante hot air ballooning gives you the opportunity of flying 1000 meters over the coast and admiring nature’s endless gifts to us in the form of beautiful beaches, stunning mountains and peaceful landscapes. Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante is the largest castle in the Mediterranean region. Alicante has inspiring art galleries and influencing museums to visit. Tabarca Island is a small island off the coast of Alicante and is currently used for inhabitation of marine life. Avenida de Maisonnave is the heart of shopping district in Alicante. You can find here shoe shops, antiques shops, boutiques, flower shops and departmental stores. Alicante has abundant parks and gardens for adults as well as children to relax. In summers many amusing activities are arranged for children in these parks. Alicante is an ideal place for the sport of Scuba Diving. Professional assistance is provided to individuals and family alike.

Exploring Alicante

The city of Alicante is the capital of the Province of Alicante in the eastern part of Spain and is the second-largest city in the Valencian Community. The city is historically well known as a Mediterranean port city. The Alicante is popular with beach travellers because it is located on the Costa Blanca, which showcases over 200 kilometres of coastline. The region has a Mediterranean climate, meaning the temperatures remain mild and there is very little in the way of rainfall to dampen holidays. This is one reason the area is so popular with tourists. The city of Alicante is the gem of the region and has many historical sites that draw attention, such as the Castle of Santa Barbara and the old port of Alicante. The outlying cities in the region are also popular. Benidorm has earned the distinction of being the most well known city of the Costa Blanca. The city has gorgeous beaches, world class resorts and restaurants, and an incredibly active nightlife scene. The city of Calpe is a slower paced town with an old world charm and some of the best local foods on the coast. Just up the AP7 highway from Benidorm is the city of Altea. This unsung gem is a quaint former fishing village with five kilometres of coastline with breathtaking views atop seaside cliffs and mountains. Cheap car hire Alicante Airport helps travellers be able to explore the entire Costa Blanca on their own schedule. There are a number of National and Internationalbrands represented at the airport, including Hertz, Sixt , Auriga Crown, Avis, and more.

Eating Drinking Alicante

The Alicante province of Spain is located to the eastern shore of the country, and the city of Alicante is the capital of this Valencian province. Spanish holidays are a popular choice for European travel, and the Alicante offers much in the way of local food and drink to keep travellers satisfied and enhance their holiday. Lunch is a large meal in this area. This meal is then followed by a siesta period, and many shops and restaurants close their doors to enjoy the siesta as well. Supper is light and usually falls around sunset or sometimes later. Local food is decidedly Spanish and meals generally consist of rice dishes, small tapas, and seafood as well as the signature paella of Spain. Drinking in the Alicante is especially delightful because the province offers many wines, so many that the province has a wine council all its own. The two main varietals of the region are Tinto Alicante and Moscatel Alicante. In the Old Town portion of Alicante, bars and clubs abound for a vibrant night-life scene. The area called 'The Barrio'; this area is home to bars such as Dos Gringos, Carpe Diem, Mulligans, and Swing. Holiday travellers will enjoy the low prices for drinks in Alicante. Some bars even offer free shots from time to time, adding to the fun of a night out on the town. Furthermore, make note of the Porto area, where the local casino is located. The area around Porto does not start picking up until later at night, and the fun goes well into the morning. Alicante car hire can be found at the airport. This is a convenient option for air travel passengers. Renting a car makes it possible to see the entire Alicante region without needing to rely on timetables or pay expensive fares to go throughout the region.

Night-life Alicante

Holiday in Alicante are exciting during the day to be sure but when the sun goes down, the cities along the Costa Blanca light up with discos, bars, and dance clubs, offering a great finale to any long day of sightseeing. In the city of Alicante, travellers should visit the Barrio section of the Old Town. This area is the centre of night-life in the city with many bars and clubs. Drinks are cheap here and many bartenders freely give out shots, so travellers should make a point of spending at least one evening in the Barrio. After a few hours at the Barrio, Puerto kicks off with even more late-night fun. This area is situated near the marina, on the east side and has a large casino, as well. Benidorm city is also well known for partying. The city is home to over 30 discos and more than a thousand restaurants, which includes 800 alcohol-serving bars in those ranks. That is the perfect recipe for a great night of bar hopping. There are themed bars such as British pubs, Irish pubs, and Dutch bars alongside traditional Spanish locations that serve local tapas menus alongside the libations. Many bars offer activities such as karaoke or even live entertainment in the form of cabaret acts. Travellers that choose to let loose in Benidorm will not be disappointed. While in the Alicante region, people on holiday should be sure to check out local wineries, as well, because there are great wines that come from this region.

Shopping Alicante

Alicante sits on the eastern coast of Spain in the Alicante province of the Valencian Community. Travellers enjoy Alicante for many reasons, including the spectacular beaches of the area. However, shopping in Alicante is a special treat and is the perfect way to go home with local delicacies, artworks, and other souvenirs. Shops line the Explanda d'Espana selling local crafts, bead-work, clothes, and other souvenirs. Make sure you visit the Avenue El Sabino at the Mercado Central de Alicante to enjoy the main market of the city. Local cheese, seafood and meat are available for purchase and makea this destination a big draw on tourist agendas. Just outside the market are plenty of flower vendor stalls as well. Alicante is a great place to purchase jewellery because the bulk of local jewellery is made of fourteen carat gold and is rather inexpensive and runs from traditional styles to quite modern looks to fit any taste. Furthermore, keep a note on the leather good in this region. The city centre offers many shops that sell handbags, jackets, coast, shoes, belts and other leather items, many of which are available at low prices. The Gran Via Shopping Centre is located on Avenida Gran Via and offers over 100 shops ranging from pricey designer fashion shops to toy shops, gift shops, and even newsagents. The Panoramis Complex is also a great shopping centre in the city. This mall has shops, restaurants, and bars and overlooks the harbour. The Panoramis offers shopping 24 hours a day to accommodate travellers any time of day or night. Cheap car hire is a great way to free up your visit to Alicante.

Disabled Visitors Alicante

Located on the eastern coast of Spain, Alicante is a popular city for tourists in the Spanish Valencian Community, and is the capital of the province of the same name. Visiting Alicante is simple for travellers with disabilities. The Alicante airport features wide walkways and ramps as well as accessible toilet facilities, and the airport has AENA employees on hand to assist travellers with special needs. Many hotels in Alicante are raising their standards to include more accessible rooms, toilets, and common areas. Alicante is full of rich history and holiday-goers to the city and surrounding region enjoy the wonderful ruins and ancient architecture and museums as well as the pristine beaches that line the coast. Disabled travellers are given a chance to see the city from the top of Mount Benacantil when visiting the Castle of Santa Barbara. The medieval Muslim fortress is equipped with an elevator that runs through the core of the mountain making the castle accessible for those with mobility issues. The lift costs 2.40 Euro while access to the castle is free of charge. The Archaeological Museum of Alicante features items from the Stone Age up to medieval times and all the eras between. The Explanada de Espana is a marble-tiles promenade that has wide walkways that accommodate people with reduced mobility. Nightly concerts, street performances, and vendors line the promenade. For more outdoor fun, the city has a few parks including El Palmeral Park, which has ponds and brooks alongside walking trails and picnic facilities to accommodate a nice afternoon in the warm Spanish sun. Car hire in Alicante airport is convenient for disabled passengers wanting to rent a vehicle for their stay in the region. Budget car hire allows you to request larger cargo areas to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers as well as special amenities included in their rental vehicle to make their holiday more enjoyable.

People in Alicante

 In Spain Alicante is considered as one of the populous provinces. It is ranked as the 4th most populous province in Spain out of total 50. People here are found from every culture, caste, nation and race. The inhabitants are near about 18 Lac over here and it has been found that it is the largest province with the foreigner population. It is found that, of province total population 23.5% is consisted of foreign people. It makes the fact very obvious that Alicante inhabitants are very welcoming and well mannered. It has been reported by most of the tourist that people here are care free, easy going, always cherishing around are know how to respect and pay regards to all the visitors. In this way it makes it the best place to rejoice and spend the best possible vacations.

Other than this it is also found that the services that the civilians provide to the tourists are also amendable and are enough to make people inclined for the more trips after their first one. Moreover this has made people inclined to make it a permanent residential area for business and family. It is due to the lovely weather and location in most affordable rates that it offers to all the people in the Alicante. One can find every type of location, one is longing for as there are hotels, pensions, hostels, villas as well as bungalows to facilitate people in accommodation issues.

These accommodation facilities can be obtained anywhere as in the center of the cities or on the seas side or even near beaches, in country side to facilitate tourists according to their taste. One can also find accommodation page on every site of Alicante to guide about the cheap and best suited rates for the customers. For disabled family members there are special facilities available to make them at ease in the trip.

Accommodation in Alicante

Alicante is a city that has something to offer to everyone. It has various appealing recreations, very beautiful sights and affordable accommodations. No matter what your preferences are, you will find the best suitable accommodation in Alicante.

Alicante has good weather all year long therefore tourists don’t choose any specific time of the year to visit. However the way they wish to travel has an affect of weather to it. During winter people prefer traveling by air or trains to Alicante whereas in summer tourists tend to travel from ships or yachts to reach to Alliance’s seaport.

Quality hotels can be found around downtown or harbor area. The top and luxurious hotel of Alicante is Sidi San Juan Alicante Hotel. this hotel is remarkable in terms of services and view. However its expenses do match up to its good quality catering. Melia Hotel Alicante is appropriate for people who admire the sights of beaches and sea. it has a fascinating view of the harbor area. Tryp Gran Sol Hotel Alicante is located in Alicante downtown and practically only the high building there. It is a 4 star hotel and apart from all the services that a 4 star hotel provides, it has a restaurant at the top of the hotel which has a great view. A more reasonably priced hotel is the Albahia Hotel Alicante, a 3 star hotel. it is close to the sea and has a good view of the sea.

It is recommended that you go for at least a 3 star hotel in Alicante and choose the one that suits your Budget the best.


Being the second largest city in the province of Valencia, Alicante City of Spain is a beautiful and vibrant city which has lots to offer. Alicante is famous for its magnificent architecture, breathtaking beaches, stunning mountains, palm trees and good weather all year long. It also has a wonderful island close to it called Tabarca, which you can visit from Alicante harbor. As the main city of Costa Blanca, it is not a city any tourist should miss.

Alicante is a city of contrasts. It is a cosmopolitan city and a favorite destination for many European tourists. However it has retained its traditions and culture. Alicante is a city with population of 300,000 therefore moving around is not a difficult task.

Useful Contacts

Alicante is a beautiful and stunning city of Spain. It has all the necessary facilities for tourists but it is always helpful to have some information and knowledge about the city’s services in case you encounter any emergency.

Besides having the number for your own consulate or embassy certain other telephones number might come in handy so they can come in handy in the time of need.

In case of any emergency the ambulance, police or fire brigade telephone number all over the Europe is 112.

Subsequent telephone numbers for medical services are 96 590 83 00, which is the number of the hospital. For fire brigade you can dial 080. Another number for the ambulance is 96 511 46 76.

In case you need some information about your flight or any other query related to airport you can dial 96 528 50 11. You can also book airport parking by making your reservation through airport desk

96 521 99 84 is the telephone number for the post office.

The telephone number for Town Hall is 96 514 91 00. The number for Police is 96 514 95 00. Telephone number for Red Cross is 96 525 25 25.

You can order a taxi by dialing 96 510 16 11. For information about the busses schedules and bus stops you can dial 96 513 07 00. However you can also utilize another transportation service called Alicante car hire airport.

And the most important number for any tourist is the tourist information centre number which is 96 520 00 00.

Costs, Money And Banks in Alicante

Alicante is a site which is known for great fun and amusement all over the world. The most important thing about it, is to know the fact that it allows every tourist with the same amount of recreation. No matter, from which cast and which class one belongs to. From accommodation to transport system including eating resorts as well one can find all rates that can make one rejoiced throughout the trip. Right at the arrival on airport one can find different hotels that are there to provide you with the variety of food that you are longing for. Other than this they also offer you affordable immediate accommodation so you may not face any problem around. Moreover it has also been found that there are different facilities that this city offers that include three type of transport system which make it affordable for everyone to move around the city. For the disabled family members even, one do not have to worry about, because in city transport all the possible required facilities  are made possible to make people more and more at ease. In case if one is longing for the permanent residence and want to have a bank account there than it is highly recommended that one should go for the renowned bank in the city.

One can take this information through the online sources or through the inhabitants as well. Cheap car hire Alicante companies are also there to facilitate people in every possible respect. The only thing one has to do is to contact them timely and they will arrange the best suited car for you. Moreover it is the fact that the train system is also amendable with cheap fares. So, one can also use it, if it favors him.

Alicante Festivals

Alicante is the city of festivals that has everything for every age group. It has been found that there are different festivals that are celebrated over the year to rejoice the inhabitants as well as the tourists. Moros y Cristianos is the festival to celebrate the remembrance of gaining charge by christens. In this festivals all of the people participating, wear the christen crusade dresses and dance to celebrate the festival. Carnaval is a long festival that is usually celebrated over the days. One can get the rejoice through wearing costumes as well as participating in the parade. Later the march is done through the city in the memory of sardine. Semana Santa is commonly known as Easter which is the celebration in Spring Season. People make sculptures, share gifts and visit friends to rejoice the days after holy month of fasting.

Hogueras de San Juan is also an important festival that is celebrated to enjoy and develop the tourist interest. In this festival there are different dance performances held along with the fact that there is parade, musical concerts, gastronomy and other activities that are done in five days of June i.e. from 20th to 24th. Moreover there are other festivals as well that are famous which include the Porrat de San Antón where in market selling days are celebrated , Cruces de Mayo known for children games and fun activities and Virgin del Carmen where in fishermen  worship the Virgin. In these festivals one can find variety of fun along with amusement according to the age. There are different eating resorts as well that offer the variant food to recreate the tourists in best possible ways. The only thing one is required to have is, the plenty of time to spend in these festivals which show multicultural facts and features and are celebrated to keep them together.

Museums and monuments in Alicante

Alicante is located in Spain and considered as the most favorite tourist destination. The city is rich in history and arts so it has many museums and monuments which tell about the past of city. Alicante pizza de toros is a museum dedicated to sports in which you can see all types of bullfighting, paraphernalia and artifacts. It displays antique swords from fleshy red capes to film reels.

The people can learn about history of traditions and bull fighting. A pretty section is dedicated to the sport’s presence in literature. Nativity scene museum is in El Barrio features a fascinating collection of nativity scene of Spain. It displays nativity scene of three kings which is very attractive for people to tell about the past. Water museum are huge water wells were used during Alicante’s Islamic period. Inside it a small ceramic museum is situated which spotlights objects and pottery. Archeology museum of Alicante is an archaeological museum. It houses eight galleries that use multimedia which help visitors to interact with the lives of past residents of the city. Fogoures festival museum is dedicated to al festivals of culture and art.

Provincial archeological museum have a large collection of archeological remains. It has a collection of Bronze Age, Iberian and roman ceramics which is a valuable collection of past decades.

Kids in Alicante

The city is located at the along Costa Blanca and lies in the Mediterranean Sea. It is known as the terrific family destination. The city has plenty of activities for kids and families. The city offers different parks and places such as pal mere Alicante offer plenty of walkways, play areas and water areas for kids and its theater run throughout the year. It is a family spot for kids and adults under the huge palm trees and kids especially enjoy and love a hired boat rides.

Cantilenas Park is a fascinating 100 year old plant. Amusements can easily be found in this park. Santa Barbara castle lies on an outcrop of land and towers and a prominent landmark of city. The canons palace, moat, bonfire museum and majestic views are good to mesmerize the younger ones. Tabarca Island is a great place for kids to enjoy from the top deck of coastal and sea views, marine life from the glass bottom. The rocky beaches and clear waters of the island make the place a perfect family holiday spot.

The kids will and enjoy the trip to Pola Park with over 20 attractions from bouncy castle, a laser maze and crash tracks. Alicante is one of the fastest growing city of Spain and its economy is largely based on tourism and constructions.

Alicante Beaches

Alicante is the city where one can find every type of fun whether it is related to worth seeing historical and architectural beauty or contemporary art and advancements. For relaxing you on a sunny day Alicante offer you with plenty of beaches where one can enjoy the warm sun with soft breeze blowing around. There are different beaches of which the most famous ones are the Playa del Postiguet which is found in the center of the city and it has numerous palm shaded promenade. Moreover it is worth mentioning that it has been one of the clean beaches in Alicante as it has been continuously awarded for cleanliness around the beach. Playa del Coco is also a commonly visited beach which is although a shorter one, but has plenty of things to offer to the visitor and one can also find fishermen here for their catch. Playa de la Almadraba also offers water play as well as sooth of silence and sun kissed environment. Moreover PLaya de la Albufereta is the beach that has been famous for its history and is found in the village Lucentum that was considered as the origin of this province.


Further there are other things that include the water sport, fun for every kid and one can visit it with his family as well. Other famous beaches include the Cabo de las Huertas and San Juan beaches. San Juan is the beach that is known for the great services and for golfing. It is considered as the finest beach in the city for golf. Car hire Alicante services are there to make you at ease in reaching different destinations including the beaches as well. It has been reviewed by the earlier tourists that it is one of the important thing that one should keep personal transport as it can save time in reaching destinations.

Alicante Parks

Alicante city has everything to offer the visitors coming from any site of the world including families, singles or even couples. There are numerous parks and gardens in the city that are known for the enormous recreation for all the visitors coming up here. Of all, the most famous ones include the Canalejas Park, which is the historical one as it is the oldest park in Alicante. One can find sculptures of animals here like of dogs as well as lions. El Palmeral is another southern Alicante park that has great collection of palm trees along with water play that includes volley ball play as well as boating. Various flowerbeds are there to recreate and increase the enchanting look of the park. For children as well one can find various play grounds along with cycling tracks and swings.

El Benacantil offers great fun for all ages and shows good number of pine trees. Moreover it has natural beauty along with eucalyptuses collection. It is located near the Santa Barbara Castle. Paseo de la Explanada a popular tourist destination that has the ancient quay in it. Lo Morant is another attractive park of the city that has auditorium along with flying boats as well as promenades and variety of trees. Parque de la Ereta park is known for the architectural sites along with fountains, trees, creative pathways and play grounds. Right at the arrival on the airport one can get all the possible recreating resorts around. In this way one can get the different parks around that can rejoice one to optimal extent with the family. Car hire Alicante airport companies have facilitated people over the years and have offered with the great collection of suitable models that one may long for the trip. It has the cars of every type in most affordable rates.

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