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Best Car Rentals Almeria

History Almeria

The city of Almeria was first founded in 955 AD by the Calipha Abd ar Rahman III, of Cordova. The city was used as a main harbour, used to keep the defences of the border strong. The castle, Alcazaba, holds distinction of being the second largest built from Moorish forces. Almeria was then ruled by the Muslim Taifa under the likes of Jairan, Catagena and Altomacin. During the 11th century, an industry of silk kept Almeria economically strong and held fast to the value of the harbour. Being located at a vital point on the coast, Almeria was under siege often. One of the most devastating sieges was that of Pope Eugene III, called the Second Crusade, where forces were instructed to strike down what were perceived to be Muslim infidels. In 1147, Almeria was won by a crusade of Alfonso VII, who lost control to the Almoravid Emir control. In the 15th century, the city finally laid into the control of the Christians, where it stayed henceforth. The date of the surrender to the Catholic Isabella and Ferdinand was 26 December 1489. In the 16th century, Almerians saw a minimum of four devastating earthquakes, the worst of which was in 1522. The city was frequently attacked by Berber pirates through the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Almeria was bombarded by German troops during the Spanish Civil War. After this, the city finally submitted to the forces of Francisco Franco. The 20th century was pivotal for Almeria. The city saw tremendous growth in tourism and agricultural industries. With the Spanish Constitution approved after the death of Franco, Almeria could become a part of the autonomous region of Andaluc'a, where it stands firmly still today. Budget rental agencies like Avis, Europcar, Goldcar, Atesa/National, Hertz, and Centauro are all on hand at the airport to assist travellers with their car rental needs.


The weather in Almeria can be termed as pleasant and good, therefore summers can be the best time to visit this region for holiday. Furthermore there is less rain here in the summers; which can be an advantage.


Best Almeria

Travel to Almeria is a good idea for many reasons. The proximity to the sea makes Almeria ideal for beach goers; the most popular beaches are in the areas of Las Salinas and La Almadrava de Monteleva. Alongside the beaches of the region are nature preserves such as the Park of Cabo de Gata Nijar, which is just outside the city. The pristine beaches and coves of the preserve are quite alluring. The largest naturist beach in all of Europe is called Almeria home. The El Playazo is also surrounded by a number of naturist resorts and accommodations for travellers seeking to enjoy a nude holiday. If a seaside stroll tickles your fancy, try the Paseo de Coches, a seaside promenade with a lovely landscape. Inside the city, the Museum of Almeria features artefacts that date back as far as the Prehistoric era of the Romans and Greeks, up to the recent past. The city and surrounding area is full of historical sites. The ruins of the 13th century fortress of Alcazaba, a church built in 1533, and the Castle of San Cristobal are all great stops along the countryside. Budget Almeria Airport car hire is a fun choice for travellers wishing to be free from time restraints of public transport. There is just too much to do in the region to forego hiring a car to all for maximum exploration.

Explopring Almeria

Almeria is located in the southern Andaluc'a region of Spain. The city sits at the Mediterranean coast and offers many beautiful beaches and coves for visitors to enjoy. Almeria is the capital of the province of Almeria and has a relatively small population of fewer than 200,000. Originally believed to have been named Almeria in reference to the Arabic term The Mirror of the Sea, it is widely accepted now to have been named as The Watchtower, in reference to the position the city sits at, jutting out into the sea. The beaches at Almeria are beautiful and there is even a naturist beach, which holds the distinction of being the largest in Europe. The Almeria province is dotted with historical sites and ruins, including the Castle of San Cristobal and a group of houses carved into the side of rocks, called Chanca. The local Almeria economy is driven by agriculture. The region grows many types of fruits and vegetables, which are exported all throughout Europe. Furthermore, Almeria has the John Lennon Monument, which tributes the singer who composed his song Strawberry Fields Forever while spending time in Almeria. The airport in Almeria is Almeria International, it is the third busiest in the region and ranks 17th among all Spanish airports. Travellers can also get to Almeria by train or bus via the Plaza de Estacion, or they can drive to Almeria on the A-7 Mediterranean highway. The airport has car hire desks on site from Avis, National/Atesa, Hertz, Centauro, Goldcar, and Europcar. Car hire is also a good choice for Budget travel for people coming from other nearby Spanish cities.

Eating drinking Almeria

Almeria is situated on the southern Spanish coast on the Mediterranean Sea. The city of Almeria is the capital of the Almeria province of the Andalusia region. This culturally rich area is home to many great eating and drinking establishments, giving visitors many options when looking for local food. Andalusia is well-known for quality wine. The wines of the community come, most notably from the provinces of Huelva, Barrameda, Malaga, and Montilla-Moriles. Sherry is also quite popular in the area, and both wine and sherry are proudly consumed along with many later meals. The proximity of the city to the sea makes seafood a large part of Almerian cuisine and many traditional dishes include rice, potatoes, or tortillas. The diet usually consists of legumes, meats, seafood, dried fruits, nuts, and olive oils. Some of the most well known dishes include gazpacho (cold vegetable soup), pescaito frito (fried fish), and ham. Local cured hams from the mountainous regions of Andalusia and are very popular in Almeria cuisine. Tapas is welcomed in both Spanish and Andalusia culture. These small plates are meant for sharing and bring the entire party together as they sample from an array of dishes. By the sea, the Paseo Maritimo zone offers many tapas bars along the pedestrian walkway off the beach. Tapas bars are also great for enjoying coffees and juices at breakfast time and switching to beers and wines later in the day. The Cuatro Calles (four streets) area of the city is home to the majority of eateries and bars in the centre of town. Low priced food and drinks can be found, making this a great stop when on a Budget trip. Almeria car hire lets travellers explore not only the city of Almeria but the entire province and other cities in Andalusia. Make sure you book ahead for the best prices and to arrange for special requests when you decide to rent a car.

Night-life Almeria

Many holiday goers enjoy long days of shopping, sightseeing, or laying on the beaches in Almeria. When the sun goes down they often look for a bit of night-life to help them wind down. The Cuatro Calles (Four Streets) features most of the bars in town. This area is located near the Cathedral Plaza. Luckily for tourists, this is a great place for cheap entertainment and there can often be found inexpensive libations at these bars. Dinners should enjoy at the various tapas bars in the city. Near the sea, the pedestrian walkway of Paseo Maritimo offers many small restaurants and cafes to enjoy food and drinks with a great view of the sea and the gorgeous sunsets the coast has to offer. In the centre of the city, Calle Mayor sits. This tapas bar has a lot of different choices of items ranging from vegetarian options to local favourite meat dishes. There is a great deal at nights for a small glass of beer and one tapa plate running only at one Euro. In addition, a good place to hit up in the evenings is the 46. This tapas bar is different in the sense that it is actually an Italian tapas bar. There are traditional Italian plates served alongside beers. The price for this offering is only around two Euros. Travelling to the region of Almeria can give guests a taste of Spanish food while the local bars serve drinks, beers and wines to add to the experience. The airport, Almeria International, has on-site desks with Avis, Europcar, National/Atesa, Hertz, Goldcar and Centauro.

Shopping Almeria

The city and province of Almeria lies on the Mediterranean coast of southern Spain. The community of Andalusia, which contains this province offers a unique effect on the culture of Almeria. Influences in local culture take a note from ancient Moorish culture and the Mediterranean of the coastal region. This variety of backgrounds makes Almeria a great place to visit on holiday. With an inspiration from so many different ethnicities and cultures, Almeria has an array of wonderful shops. Local items are very important to any worthwhile shopping trip on holiday, and Almeria does not disappoint when it comes to their own flavour. Almeria is a great place to shop for handmade items. Ceramics, woven goods, textiles, and other handiworks are available throughout the city and province. Ceramic masks, tiles, and dishes sold in Almeria mainly come from nearby Nijar while textiles come from Velefique, which is also close. Of note are the local Jarapas woven blankets, which are so artistically designed that they are often used as a decoration instead of as a blanket. Located in the historic district there are many small shops offering these types of handicrafts and souvenirs. Find shops along narrow streets such as the Calle de las Tiendas and Calle Real. Shopping at the Mediterraneo Centre in the city is a great way to peruse shops indoors, away from the sun. Clothing stores, restaurants, caf?s and even a supermarket are all housed inside the centre. Fashion abounds at the Paseo de Almeria, where shopping at the department store Marin Rosa and places such as Mango, Women's Secret and Zara can yield fashionable items at often quite reasonable prices. To get the most out of your shopping experience in Almeria, rent a car. If you are an ambitious shopper, arrange for a car with a nice large cargo area to hold all of your great finds at the many and diverse shopping options in the city of Almeria.

Disabled visitors Almeria

Located in Andalusia, Spain, the province of Almeria is named after the Arabic word Al-Mariyya, which means The Mirror of The Sea. This southern Spanish province and city of the same name sits on the Mediterranean Sea, offering popular beaches as well as a taste of the lovely Andalusia culture. There is a lot to do in this area from visiting sights such as the John Lennon Monument, La Alcazaba, and the Las Claras Convent to the immaculate beaches like Las Salinas and La Almadrava de Monteleva beaches. The twelve town halls in Almeria's province are very sensitive to the needs of disabled visitors. The city has a good number of hotels that offer special accommodations and concessions to people with disabilities, including accessible rooms, rest-rooms, and public areas. A guide to accessibility for beaches is available and helps guests find their choice and their mobility issues while enjoying the lovely natural wonder of the southern Spanish beaches. Access ramps, special parking spaces, rest-rooms for handicapped, changing areas and showers are all offered at the majority of locations to let disabled holiday goers make the best of their holiday. Hire a car to allow for the most freedom in your schedule. Car hire at Almeria airport makes a convenient choice and is best for disabled travellers. Without needing to rely on the timetables and accessibility restrictions of public transport car hire helps make holiday go much more smoothly. In addition, when booking ahead, disabled visitors can arrange for larger cargo to hold their wheelchair or walker or a number of other options to optimize their car rental experience. Almeria airport is very accommodating to handicapped travellers as well. The airport has wider walkways, ramps, accessible toilets and telephones, and lifts to accommodate the disabled travellers. Furthermore, just as with all other AENA airports, assistance can be arranged with help ranging from check-in assistance, accompaniment through security, and help getting to and from ground transport.

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