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Best Car Rental Appenzell

Appenzell is a region and borough in the north east of Switzerland, surrounded entirely by the Canton of St. Gallen. Appenzell gained its independence from the Abbey of St. Gallen in 1403 and became a full member of the Swiss Confederacy in 1513. The population of this, the smallest Canton of Switzerland is around 16,000 people and it has a land area of just 90 square kilometers. Primarily the local language in the region is German. The name Appenzell is a variation on the Latin word meaning ?ell of the abbot?, presumably named due to the huge influence the Abbey of St. Gall had on the area. The economy of Appenzell is largely based around dairy farming and cattle breeding and the Canton is well known for its Appenzeller Cheese which available throughout the country.

Highlights to tourists in Appenzell are twofold. The first is the incredible outdoors, with the Alpstein Mountains offering the most stunning views imaginable and in some places you can stand and turn around, catching glimpses of six different countries from the same spot on Santis, at 2502 meters above sea level. Cableways operate in the area too, giving you fairly easy access to the Alpstein and the tremendous winter sports slopes and activities it provides.

It is true that many people visiting Appenzell are visiting for the skiing and snowboarding opportunities but that?s not everything there is to see. The world famous Appenzeller Model Cheese Factory offers tours daily in English, French and German and is a fun day outing that you should experience while in the area, if only just to taste the wonderful Appenzeller cheese. Along with this, there is plenty of fun to be had in the farming regions of Appenzell with frequent festivals, the biggest of which is the August Brunch which lets visitors enjoy culinary specialties right on the farms that produce the ingredients ? a very special experience for any tourist.

Appenzell has sections of the city that are car-free where walking is not only encouraged, it is compulsory, but to get around elsewhere you?ll need a car. That?s where www.tripindicator.com can come in handy ? it?s one place to compare the rental prices of car hire in Appenzell as well as make booking for hire cars.

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