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Car Hire Bari

History of Bari

Bari is famous as the California of the south. In early days the Bari was controlled by Greeks. After the rule of Greeks the city was ruled by Romans. The old name of the city was Barium. The Bari was famous as it was the connection between coast roadway and Tatiana. .Bari became the Byzantine conquest in 870.

The city was the main focus point of fishery. In 181 BC Bari was the harbor port. In 1071 the city was the chief town of Apulia and ruled by Goths and Lombard?s. In World War II the city faced great damages. In 1707 Bari saw the period of recovery, the new buildings have started to restructure after the World War II and characterized by the flourishing commercial market and trade over the water. The city continued its recovery and in 17th century connection with Naples and new commercial area has started.

In World War II the city gained the unwelcomed distinction of being the only city of chemical warfare in the course of that war. Bari is divided into two parts, one is ancient and the other is modernized era. The city is named as the fifth largest province of Italy with a population of 1,551,331 and has a beautiful city structure.

Weather of Bari

Bari is the capital province of Italy. The city is the second economic center of mainland. It is situated at the Adriatic sea of Italy. It is the famous tourist destination and people love to visit the city. The city faces different kind of season due to its location. The range of climate in Bari is 4.2 to 29.6 Celsius and the rainfall varies 78.0 to 312.0 mile meter per month. The weather of Bari is always pleasant due to Adriatic Sea of Italy.

Summer season in Bari is quite warm with sunny days and gloomy winds. The rainfall temperature in Bari is maximum on 27 degree centigrade with clear skies.tje winter season of the city is very cold so it is always advisable to bring raincoats and warm clothes with you while planning to visit the city. The spring is very pleasant with great winds and pleasant atmosphere. The autumn is tough due to dry winds and sunny days. People are associated with in different kind of businesses as it is the second economic center of Italy.

Thousand of visitors visit the city every year and weather conditions are essential to know in order to enjoy the climate.

Arrival to Bari

Bari has an extensive transport network. It is the tourist destination that provides great trade facility to business travelers. The city is also the trade commercial center. It is the largest cities of Italy so it is easy to reach the city. There are many ways to reach the city by bus, train, airplanes or by cars. Bari has a big and a new airport which provides both low flights as well as expensive ones.

The International Airport of the city is connected to the city center and can easily be reached by N16 bus, Bari is connected to many Italian and European cities. The airport provides domestic and Internationalflights from Rom and Milan. The people coming from Croatia, Greece and Montenegro, so by boat it is easy to reach the city. The city has a connection with Brindisi which is 100 kilometers far away from Bari. Ferry service provides easy and comfortable reach to the city. The city is also well served by buses.

The buses are present in several cities that link the city to other areas. The buses are very cheap and provide automatic ticket service present in the buses. Long distance bus connections are available from Bari to Rome and Germany. Ferries travels from Bari to Greece and Albania.

City transport

Bari is the fast integrated land which uses transportation model. Am tab runs the public transportation system in Bari. Urban bus service is the cheapest way to move into Bari. The number 16 bus runs from airport to piuazza Aldo morro. The bus stops several times with the routes to the city center. Tempest shuttle bus is an expensive and the faster way which runs directly to the railway station. This speedy bus service runs after every 20 minutes.

The buas depart outside the Terminal building. The railway station is an ideal way if any body plans onward travelling. Barry central is a transit station near town center around 38 thousand transits every day. Almost 300 transits arrive and depart per day and 340 bus runs. The pugliarbus service runs from airport to the fewer nearby towns. The seats should book in advance because of limited seats. It provides an additional option by providing extra comfort. The buses run only in weekdays not on Sundays.

The impressive thing of the city is that every place of the city is walk able. The city has an efficient system for buses, cycles and for pedestrians. The transportation system of the city is ultra modern and punctual. Bari has a good and extensive transport system.

Top attractions in Bari

Bari is famous for its attractive places. It captures the great attention of tourist towards it. Every year people visit the city for the sightseeing of its historic and attractive places. Castle Del Monte and an eight sided castle are castle and a historic place which worth?s visiting. Piazza Prefettura is constructed with red bricks. It shows the medieval look of the old times.

Piccinni theatre shows the new movies and the theater was named by the composer of Bari. Grotte di Castellana is the white cave and cavern for the people who love the deeper caves. Scavi di Egnazia is a museum of ancient ruins. The museum consists of old things of ancient times. Museo Pomarici is a historic museum and contains a large library which is equipped with all historic and currenbt books.Armenise is another movie theater famous in people for the new arrival of movies.

Cathedral of saint Nicolaus is a beautiful and a historical church which has a tomb with gold ceiling. Basliuca di san Nicola is an architectural building and a religious site. The building is famous for its historic structure. Piazza mercantile gathers the youth of the city to share the bottle of wines. The sight has many small gardens and pools that surround the place. In order to see all the sites with relax and comfort.

Eating in Bari

Food is an important subject and part of life. Restaurants provide eating and dining place plus space for business meetings and gatherings. The city has a great variety of restaurants and food and it can easily be determined by the growing percentage of hotels in the city. The city is famous for its quality food and atmosphere. The people enjoy great deals and a friendly atmosphere in these hotels. Bari restaurant is the southern Italian restaurant creates the regional cuisine for every one. The dining style is quite elegant and offers different sea foods.

Colin is the best ice cream store in Bari. It offers home made ice creams in six to seven flavors. Its great specialty is the whipped cream pour on the top of ice. Vini e cucina is a historical taproom. It provides the excellent in a friendly environment and in cheap prices. It offers seafood, Italian food, wine, ice ream and water. It provides the full mean and lunch. Terranima offer shrimps, horse met and several kind of pastas and served it with lemon slice.

Grotto palazesse is situated in the famous grotto facing the sea. Lea cecchina provides excellent fruity white wines and a salty biscuit pretzel biscuits. Food is one of the main reasons for visiting Bari. The city has many restaurants and specialties to eat and enjoy.

Nightlife in Bari

The city has an attractive night spots and tourist destinations. The city has many pubs and clubs for every age group. People enjoy their nights in these lively clubs with great music and wines. Bari?s people love to chill out and chat in these clubs. These places worth a visit and dine.

The famous nightlife attractions are:

1. Caffe Italian: is a meeting place for young people. It has many packages according to customer?s Budget playing jazz music.

2. Caffe Mozart: is an important venue and after dinner drinking bar. It serves hot cakes and foods especially Italian food.

3. Caffe sotto: is a charming place and has a good view of lung mare of Bari. People like to go their after dinner.

4. Cellar club: is a best disco of eighties. The DJ?s play soft house music and a disco rock.

5. Le deures dam el: plays Latin American music jazz and cabaret.

6. Piazza mercantile: gathers the young crowd and makes the area pleasant with great wines.

7. Armanise: is the most famous theater of the city plays new arrivals.

8. Merchant Ny caf?: is the nightclub with full lively jazz music

9. O? Hara?s: is the famous pub in the cioty for youngsters by playing its rocking music.

10. Blarney stone: is famous for its young crowd and wines.

Shopping in Bari

Shopping is the most charming and sensational part of anyone?s trip. People love to buy many things from different cities and places. Shopping centers and areas help them to get the desired thing according to their Budget s. Vide de rosse is an excellent street of gift shop and for window shopping. Anyone can enjoy the pleasant walk where anyone can see the life of modern town.

Borgo Murratiano is an open air shop with cheap stalls. Corso vittorio is a great street for shopping, clothing, stores and other accessories. Large shops of Internationalbrands. The very handy shop which sells cheap bikinis and house holds. Via sparano is the most famous shopping street that holds most of the designer?s cloth, jewelry and leather goods. Bari has many open air markets and people selling their goods for many years. Cosvo Cavour market is an important market consists of many small shops and stalls. Shopping in Bari includes baby care items, shoes, jewelry, watches and toy games.

Bari has many attractive and expensive shops where any one can buy designer?s dresses and digital Cameras are easily available in the market. Bari shops open at 9:30 in the morning. The people get the silence before that timing. To buy something for your dears and nears will make your trip more memorable.

Disable visitors

Bari is a place for every one to enjoy. Bari cares very much of its visitors and tourists. It has many facilities for every one. In order to make the trip enjoyable with comfort and freedom, Bari provides range of facilities in hotels, airport, roads, and transport and in hospitals. Many non profit organizations are working on daily basis to make the city friendly for disable persons. The organizations are working o improve the facilities for disable persons who cannot afford to move freely. The different associations are working on different projects which very soon become visible to every one. The facilities for disable include ramps for wheelchairs, lifts, guide dongs and special places in buses and other transports. Airport has many facilities for disable persons such as lounge area, ramps for wheelchair access, and special comfortable seats for disable people. The city is continuous working to provide the safe journey to its visitors. Road infrastructures are designed for disable persons to access their wheel chairs on ramps. Hotels provide adequate equipments for disable persons at various levels. Hotels mainly provide the structure for those kinds of people in every way.

Disable visitors and useful contact details

Below is the number of an organization working day and night to improve the facilities for disable people in the city.

Accommodation in Bari

Bari is a tourist destination. It is famous for its trade center and a port. The city has many attractive places and people wishes to visit the city. People are afraid of heavy expenses of trips and stops plan to visit certain places. Bari is the best place to visit and offers great accommodation in fewer prices. These accommodations also provide great facilities to disabled persons also by giving ramps and furnished rooms. On trip to Bari the people can avail any accommodation that provides the cheaper solution to enjoy luxurious bed and breakfast in furnished apartments.

Bari provides accommodation according to tourist Budget and provides an advantage to enjoy your vacations. Accommodations vary for every income person such as for business travelers, families and students. Bari provides many accommodations such as cozy rox is an apartment with elevator and a kitchen. Casina fano furnished with walkways and pool and a large solarium which is ideal for gatherings. Villa grimaldi is a magnificent building in a green park. The hotel has outstanding environment and elegant inner spaces. Hotel adria has a cozy atmosphere of hospitability.

The hotel is situated at the center of the city and near to the airport Terminal . Bari Murat offers the bed and breakfast in safe, clean and in friendly environment. It?s a wonderful hotel to stay.

The city of Bari

Bari is located in Italy in the region of Apulia. The city has a population of 320.676 and the area of 2.760 kilometer square. The city is the major commercial center and has an extensive trade with eastern Mediterranean ports. The city is divided into two areas the modern region and the old one. The modern part has a high destiny housing, commercial buildings and docks. The old part has valleys, piazzas, churches, palace and castles.

The largest trade fair of the city is Fiera Del Levantel that involves exhibition of many sectors and industries. The city mainly focuses on agriculture and industries. The city has a noteworthy and traditional cuisine mainly based on wine, olive oil and wheat. The city is the most industrialized city. The city is famous for crude, spoken dialect. The city became the trade center with Adriatic and Ionian areas. The busy port of the city makes it an ideal bridge for traffic among Europe and Middle East.

The port helps the city to become the major trade center for economic events. The old town of the city is full of chic bars and restaurants while the new and newest parts have many attractive sights and places to see. The city is very attractive and busy commercial center and famous for its port.

Useful contact numbers

Bari is the trade commercial center. It has a port which makes the city tourist destination. Emergency contact numbers are an essential part to keep for everyone while planning for trips. Emergency numbers helps you to safe from unexpected situations and numbers of hotel, hospital and taxi numbers are necessary in order to take proactive measures.

Tourist info and details

24/7 service that helps the tourist to get information from anywhere in the country and facilitate by providing them required information.

080 5242244


This is the helping hand for patients to get the service anytime even in case of emergencies also. The doctors are always available for uncertain conditions and emergencies.

0121 554 3801

Utilities number


080 5203111



Port authority number

39 080/5281511

Airport services

Airport provides 24/7 online services regarding the arrival and departure timing of flights.

+39(0)80 580 0200

Transport system

The contact number helps you to get the accurate information and service about taxis, buses, car rentals and other vehicles.

080 5240464


39 0805346666

Car parking

Car parking helps to reserve the parking before your arrival. It helps to give the comfort and convenience

0039-08 05 77 28 51