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You can explore the city of Basel through several ways, the best way is to through the public transport, the train system here is well-known for its punctuality, well-maintained and modern vehicles which makes your waiting time shorter and pleasant.

You can explore the city on foot as well, it does not sound as difficult as it may seem like, there are various blue boards across the city which serves you as a guide. These blue boards are located throughout the whole city at important locations.


Dining out in Basel is completely a new experience, here you can find all types of places and food to eat, from take away, or home delivery or even Kids, or casual dining, name it and you have it all.

You can find Mediterranean to Portuguese, to Swiss traditional or even Spanish foods here. Bodega Espana is a restaurant which is famous for its Spanish and Mediterranean food, serving with their special hot and cold tapas, and their special wines which cannot be missed. If you are looking forward to Swiss food then Fischerstube is good place to visit, they also have their own in-house brewery. Other places where you can enjoy traditional Swiss food are Gasthof Zum Goldenen Sternen and Hasenburg.

Besides the European food, there are also places which serve you with Asian and Latin food, Latini serves you with Internationaland Italian food, whereas Jeffery's Thai Restaurant serves you with Asian food which is worth tasting while your stay in Basel.


Irrespective of the country and taste you have, there are plenty of places to visit in the city of Basel; to start with, Stadt casino is place with live music on stage and different bars for your entertainment. Another good place is Papa Joe's which wears several references to the American writer Hemingway. If you are looking for the young and vibrant atmosphere then there is the Campari Bar; this is the place where the youth gathers every night, or on the weekends; this is a good place to meet new people.

The City Bar is a great place with its great décor representing an elegant men's club. The Euler Bar is also another place which is considered as popular among the Internationalbusiness community. For the Jazz scene in Basel, Cafe Atlantis is good place to visit, or even the Zum Roten Engel; here you will find mostly students, and involving in gossips and enjoying themselves is common here.


Shopping in Basel is much of a great experience, there are their major departmental stores like Globus and Manor, and besides these there are other small shops along the Freie strasse.

Then there are the exquisite boutiques which cater special products such as shoes, watches, jewellery and many more, some of the big names are Beldona, Beyeler Optik (for spectacles and sunglasses), Blue Lemon (for shoes), Boutique Danoise (Specialist boutiques), Bucherer (specialises in watches and jewellery). Whatever your requirement may be, you will not be disappointed, and will find something of the premium quality.

Disabled Visitors

Switzerland takes the ease of access for the disabled people very seriously and all of their train and other public transportation are equipped with disabled access. Many of the tourist attractions in Basel allow access for disabled people. It might be a bit difficult when it comes to scenery as Switzerland consists of mostly mountains, but when it comes to hotels there is no compromise for that.

For visiting the sights and scenery it is best to hire a car equipped with disabled facilities, or you can also call taxis which cater to such needs.

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