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Best Car Rentals Belfast

History Belfast

Belfast has a long and interesting history dating back to 279BC. Around 700BC, the Celts settled in the Iberian Peninsula. It has been suggested that a Celtic tribe founded the city of Belfast under the name of Bracari. Bracari was conquered by the Romans in 250BC, who ruled it for a considerable amount of time. The Romans dedicated the town to the emperor Augusts. The King of Lyon finally forced the Moors to yield defeat and it finally came into the hands of the Catholics. Don Afonso III gave the town of Belfast to his son Don Alfonso IV, who in turn gave it to his daughter as dowry when she married Dom Henrique, who was then the Early of Burgundy. Recorded history of Belfast dates back at least 2,250 years, making it one of the oldest Christian towns still in existence. Nowadays, this reputation continues, with Belfast being the centre of religious Ireland. Unfortunately, it has been the site of much bloodshed even in modern times, due to the ongoing issues in Ireland started around The Troubles, between the Catholics and Protestants that still fight there today.

When to go Belfast

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and is thriving all year round. The average temperature is a mild 10 degree Celsius, with lows of between 4 and 8' Celsius (40-45' F) between January and February along with cloudy skies and a rare chance of ice and snow, against high temperature of 15 degree Celsius plus in the summer months, with sunny spells mostly and true darkness not falling until 11pm. However the weather is extremely changeable, and can go from being glorious sunshine in the morning to drizzly showers in the afternoon. A note about its rainfall: February to June averages are 60mm (2.3 in), with more rain falling between October and January with 95mm (4 in) in a month. This looks like a very wet climate, which could be said, but usually the rain is brief and showery. This does not deter the people of Ireland from getting outdoors and continuing as if the sun was shining. So long as you pack you waterproof, you will be al-right!The city's main attractions and shops are open all year round, and there are so many to see that it will be hard for you to do them all in one visit. These include W5, Cavehill, Belfast Zoo and the sight where the Titanic was first launched. It is possible to hire a car in Belfast, or get around by the excellent bus and train service that connects the majority of the city. This way you can even enjoy the charms of Belfast in the wet and cold weather. There is plenty to do inside too, on a rainy day Belfast comes to life with many attractions and shops indoors to get out of the rain and wind. The city is very family orientated, making it enjoyable for a wide breadth of age ranges, whatever the weather and whatever time of year.


Weather Belfast

When visiting Ireland you can be certain about two things: mild weather and rain. You can expect both all year round. Refreshing, cool summers but also damp, melancholic, winter days - even in the middle of July - with little sunshine and only the warmth of the Irish heart to cheer you up! The winter months are sometimes blessed with precious spells of pleasant, warm weather just right to keep spirits high for the lucky visitor. You will enjoy every moment of your time spent in Belfast, starting with your arrival at Belfast City Airport, finding easy transport to the city. If you chose to drive, please remember that you are in the U.K., so keep to the left side of the road! You should also be careful crossing the streets, so use pedestrian crossings and enjoy the majesty of its buildings and the grandeur of its history. Belfast (which was granted city status in 1888) is a wonderful place with lots of sights and even on a rainy day it is sheer delight talking a walk around the City having one of the 'Top25 most popular city breaks in the world'. It was the world's biggest shipyard at the beginning of the 20thcentury and the RMS Titanic was built here thanks to shipbuilders Harland and Wolff, both children of Belfast. Etched in the souls' of its people, it is the birthplace of many gifted artists such as the painter Paul Henry, poet John Hewit, musicians Van Morisson and Grary Moore, science fiction author Bob Shaw, actor and director Kenneth Branagh and finally the legendary George Best, world beloved footballer, a fallen star, depicting perhaps like no other the controversial character of Northern Ireland, a land of many blessings.

Arrival to Belfast

There are various ways to get in Belfast however, the major chunk of the visitors enter into the city by plane. The city is mainly served by two major airports including George Best Belfast City Airport and Belfast International Airport. Flights from many countries land on both of these airports.

Bus and train station is outside the airport and transportation is not a problem in Belfast. You can also reach Belfast via Dublin airport which is about 100 miles from Belfast. There are four rail corridors in and out of Belfast which are providing frequent and reliable services to the visitors. These corridors include Bangor, Portadown, Larne and Coleraine.

While traveling in train, you will get a chance to enjoy picturesque views and sceneries. Visitors also come to Belfast by bus and there is a huge intercity bus network operated by a division of Translink in the city. Regardless of the mode of your entrance in the city, you should inform the tourist information office after your arrival in the city.

People from the nearby cities also come by car. Although less independent travelers can travel by bus or train but those travelers who want to get full time enjoyment prefer their private cars or rentals.

Arrival Belfast

Belfast has a large International Airport, which is one of the main hubs of the country. There is also Belfast City Airport, which services both National and Internationalflights, including flights from the United Kingdom. Some of the UK direct flights to Belfast include London, Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds/Bradford, Southampton and Manchester. Other flights that land here come from Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels and New York. Belfast is also home to the Victoria ferry Terminal , which are services by ferries between Belfast and Liverpool. This Terminal is just 5km (3mi) North-east of Belfast and easily accessible. The trip is short and easy, with many people going to Belfast for day trips from the United Kingdom. Within Belfast itself, there are two main bus stations.

Both bus stations have information desks, where you can be provided with local and regional bus timetables. There is also a contact point of Translink. The Europa bus centre is behind the Europa Hotel, which is next to Victoria Street Station. It is also easily accessible through the Great Northern Mall. Belfast also has a very good taxi service that can be used by anybody. All the main arrival points in and around Belfast have taxi standpoints, meaning it is unlikely that you will find it empty. If there is no taxi available, there are usually telephones that connect you straight to the taxi operator, who will be able to tell you how long your wait will be. You could also consider using one of these taxis to take a tour of authentic Belfast, viewing all the areas where the Troubles took place.

City Transport Belfast

Are you planning a visit to Belfast? If yes, then you will have a lot of fun in the city because of its well developed infrastructure. Interestingly, the centre of Belfast is very small and you can explore it by foot. The transportation system in the city is well developed and the major mode of transportation in the city is City Bus which is known as Metro.

The Metro service is operated by Translink. Buses run along all the major parts of the city and they have color coded high frequency routes that radiate from the centre of the city. You can move around the city by buses which run around 6AM until 11PM.The tourists can buy bus passes in Belfast or they can also get frequent traveler passes.

Best Locations Belfast

Belfast is an ancient and historical city, with records dating back well over 2,000 years. The oldest part of the city is the Old Town, where you can still see remnants of the old city walls. This is an area that you can walk in you and enjoy the ancient architecture that is on display. Similarly, the old Cathedral should not be missed. Ireland has been tarred by the bloody civil war that has raged there between the Protestants and Catholics for many years. Although it is now peaceful and quiet, these troubles form an integral part of Belfast history. Tourists are encouraged to take part in one of the guided tours in a black cab, where they will be able to see the neighbourhoods where wars were raged, the barbed wire and towering fences that are still there, and the murals made by partisans. There are quite a number of tour operators who offer these types of tours to tourists. Usually, they are able to fit five people into one cab, so it is certainly something that can be enjoyed as a group.

However, it is important to try to find a reputable organisation that is able to provide an unbiased tour that is informative and historically accurate. One tour that is certainly recommended is Belfast Cab Tours. For nature lovers, there is also the Botanical Gardens and other parks and greeneries that should not be missed. Basically, whether you interest lies in architecture, art, history or nature, you are sure to have a fantastic time in Belfast.

Attractions Of Belfast

There are many superb attractions in Belfast however, to make the most of your time in the city, you should properly plan your trip. After your arrival in Belfast, you should contact Belfast Welcome Centre, a Tourist Office located at Donegall Place.

You can get maps, introduction to the best tourist destinations and other useful information from the tourist office. You can start your visits to the major attractions of the city from Lagan Lookout Visitors Centre. It has Lagan Lookout and a model of Titanic. Belfast is the city where the ill-fated Titanic was built, therefore, touring in the boat and enjoy the attractions of the city will be a great fun for you.

You should also visit the Botanical garden in Belfast, which are accessed from Queen University Road. These parks look really beautiful because of their large lawns and planting especially in summers. Belfast zoo is another good spot in the city, where you can take your kids to introduce them with different breeds of animals. Belfast Castle is also considered as a large stately home which was founded in 1870 however, it was restored in 1988.

You can see the beautiful views of the city and coast from Belfast castle, therefore, a visit to Belfast castle becomes must for every tourist. Some other good attractions of the city include Belfast Mural Tour, Ulster Folk and Transport Museum and Stormont Parliament Buildings.

Night-life Belfast

Belfast is home to a number of historic pubs that really capture the essence of Belfast in the olden days. However, since relative peace has been established, Belfast has quickly developed. Recent years has seen a very large increase in hip and modern bars, specifically targeted at young and trendy people. One of the best places to go out in Belfast is the University Quarter. Traditional pubs can be found all around the city, with the best ones being in the pedestrian areas around the High Street. Pubs are open on Monday to Saturday between 11.30am and 11.00pm. On Sunday, most are open between 12.30 and 2.30pm and then again from 7.00pm to 10.00pm. On paper, this is because people have to go to church during these closing hours. There is also a state of the art conference and concert centre, where many Internationalperforms have graced the stages. Near the Europa Hotel, you will find the Golden Mile and the Grand Opera House. This first opened in 1895. Belfast is known to be a true cultural centre, celebrating performing arts. For instance, the Ulster Hall is a fantastic location for musical groups, as well as stage drama and comedy. It is also home to the Ulster Orchestra. A visit to The Odyssey should also not go amiss. Here you will find a full agenda of different performing arts. It is a huge complex situated on the waterfront and has space to seat 10,000 people. Groups from Oasis to Destiny's Child have performed here. Within the complex, there are also dozens of bars and restaurants, meaning you won't have to be bored before a show.

Shopping in Belfast

Belfast is the city that has everything for every age. It has been found that there are different attractions that it offers to everybody which are matchless. There are over 40 parks in the city which is a unique feature along with the fact the shopping malls are amazing. One can enjoy the sooth of any European mall here. Moreover there are other facts as well that make it the best place to enjoy time. These include the enchanting eating resorts as well as the beaches. So as one arrives on the airport there are lots of things that are waiting for people to have a great time there. The only thing one is required to have is the plenty of time which can make people rejoiced in every possible respect. The most famous shopping malls here include the Sprig Mall that has the huge area with hymn, café, and clothing of every style and foot wear of every quality. So there is nothing that one can’t see here. Other than this the Forest side is another very important mall that is known for the colorful shopping here. The best thing about the Belfast is that it offers thing with all rates that make people rejoiced with everything around as they are affordable as well as reliable and in vogue throughout the globe.

Belfast Disabled visitors

Belfast is the city that is much known in Ireland and one can enjoy the best possible time there. The only thing one has to do is to take a long vacation so that he can enjoy the best possible time there with most area being explored. Now the facilities are polished to such an extent that even with the disabled visitor one do not has to worry about anything as in every resort special consideration is made towards them.

One can find the facilities in city transport, accommodation, eating and shopping resorts. In case of city transport one can find the spacious buses as well as trains so that wheel chairs can easily be put in them. Moreover in case of trains these equipments are necessarily made available for the tourists so that one may not face any problem. In restaurants and hotels one can easily find wheel chairs, belts and sticks. Moreover there are disable toilets made for the disabled visitors along with adjustable sinks as well as shower so that they can aid them easily. In most of the buildings lifts have been applied that make it feasible for people to reach any floor easily. Accommodation page on every Belfast site make it easy for all the tourists to find the best possible services for the disabled ones. There are special apartments available for such visitors which make it easy to come and rejoice the best possible time there. On beaches even, water play is made possible for them and wheel chairs are provided there in great number so that any one may not face any problem.

Hire a car in Belfast is an easy task to do; the only thing one has to do is to contact the best suited company there. It is because of the fact that there are numerous companies dealing in this business that include the Avis, Hertz and others. They provide you with over 4000 models of cars and you can choose the best suited one according to you and your family requirement. One can also contact them online.

People of Belfast

In Ireland there are a few sites where one can rejoice. Belfast is one of those cites which are most famous around the world. It does not only provide the material sooth and recreation to the tourists but people here are also very loving and respecting to all. It is a less populated city with population of 267000 inhabitants. Now it has also been reported that its area has been expanded so its population is increased to many folds. Moreover it is found that it offers great time spent to everybody here as there are numerous eating resorts with fascinating shopping malls and lush greed parks and gardens that amuse every person coming up here.

It has been reviewed by the earlier tourists that it is a great place to visit because of the fact that people there are very humble and loving. They are lively and know how to act and react to any given situation. One can find every resort best for recreation because they serve everything in best possible way along with the fact that there is  ever enchanting atmosphere to amuse people. On all available sites as in hotels, restaurants, shops, car and accommodation rentals staff facilitate you in every possible respect according to your taste and requirement. The only thing required is to have a good deal of time so that one can enjoy the best possible time there.

Accommodation in Belfast

Belfast has become one of the best tourists? destinations after the industrial revolution in the city. Finding an affordable hotel and accommodation in Belfast is not a tough job. There are many five, four, three and two stars hotels in the city and the travelers can choose the one based on their suitability and Budget .

Moreover, there are apartments, private rooms, hostels and home rentals. Some of the good hotels in Belfast include Farste InternationalHotel, Malone Lodge Hotel, Wellington Park Hotel, Europa Hotel, Radisson SAS Hotel, Malmaison Hotel, Park Avenue Hotel and many others. You can find a hotel room for $80 to $400 or above.

If you accommodate in a hostel room, then you can find a room at very reasonable rates. If you are staying for a longer period in the city, you can get a home on rent because vacation homes are easily found in the city. While looking for an accommodation, you should consider the good atmosphere and location. You should consider your proximity to internet, restaurants and attractions of the city.

City Of Belfast

Belfast is a beautiful city and one of the best spots for the tourists. The name ?Belfast? has been derived from Irish words ?Beal Feirste? which means ?the mouth of the river Feirste?. Belfast is the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland. It is also considered as the largest city on the island of Ireland after Dublin.

The total population of Belfast is 267,500 in the Belfast City Council area. On the other hand, the city has expanded and the total population in Belfast Metropolitan Urban Area is 483,418. Belfast is a great place for the tourists to explore because most of its parts are relatively undiscovered as compared to its neighbor Dublin. In the last decade, dramatic changes have taken place in the city because of its peace and prosperity.

Tourists visiting the city get a great welcome from locals. It is interesting to note that Belfast is a cultural meeting point of Britain and Ireland. Belfast has historical buildings and Victorian and Edwardian heritage. Instead of spending their weekends in expensive destinations, travelers come to Belfast to make their weekends exciting and full of fun. Belfast is a tourist-driven city because of its attractions and less expensive rates in hotels, restaurants and bars.

City of Destination Belfast

Belfast is located 166km North of Dublin, 340km North East of Shannon and 201km East of Sligo. The city is very well built, offering a clear geography of quarters that can easily be navigated on foot. Belfast has an impressive city centre, which surround the domed City Hall and the Donegall Square. If you are interested in shopping, Donegall Square certainly is the place to be. It has expanded over the years and now stretches northwards onto Royal Avenue, as well as southwards onto Bedford Street. Belfast is also a true university town, with the University Quarter around the Queen's University being fully of greenery.

In fact, the Botanical Gardens are found in this quarter, as well as many art museums and galleries. Of course, being a student's area, it is also full of bustling night-life, with many pubs, clubs and bars. There is also the Cathedral Quarter, where the city's biggest and most impressive Cathedral can be found. This is an old area of the city, where you will also find ancient Victorian warehouses. This certainly is the most interesting area for people who are interested in the religious history of Belfast, and for those who enjoy architecture. The last quarter is the Golden Mile.

This is the real centre for night-life, with some of the city's best restaurants and pubs. It is not clear why the area is called the Golden Mile. It is longer than a mile and it isn't made of gold. Belfast became a real city during the industrial revolution, although it was never an overly modern city. It has many grand buildings in 19th century style, which give it a historic feel. Only in recent years, now that the troubles in Ireland seem to have settled down, have more modern buildings started to appear.

Useful Contact numbers

Belfast is one of the major destinations of the tourists and after visiting the city, you will realize that it is one of the safest places on this earth. The crime rate of the city is very low and for providing maximum security and help to the tourists, tourist help services are being provided in the city. However, for your own convenience, you should get some useful emergency numbers of the city. Some emergency numbers of Belfast are as follows:

For reporting damages, flooding, chemical spillage and fatal accident, you can report call Belfast City Council.

Belfast City Council 078 5049 9622

028 9027 0275

For other emergencies you can dial 999

Fire, police and ambulance 999

Crime stoppers 0800 555 111

Health Services

Belfast City Hospital 028 9032 9241

Mater Hospital 028 9074 1211

Musgrave Park Hospital 028 9090 2000

Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital 028 9063 2241

Royal Victoria Hospital 028 9024 0503

Health Information Service 0800 665544

Consumer Services

Northern Ireland Housing Executive 028 9024 0588

Northern Ireland Electricity 08457 643643

Phoenix Gas 0800 002001

Flooding Incident Line 0300 2000 100

Northern Ireland Water Leak line 0800 282 2011

Lost property 028 9065 0222

These numbers will be really useful for you. You can also note down the phone numbers of tourist information office, airport inquiries etc.

Belfast Costs, Money & Banks

In Irelands there are different cities that are worth seeing and worth mentioning. There are different things which attract people here and so one gets inclined. The basic thing here is the accommodation and transport facility that make people love to visit it. Over the years it has also been observed that people have become so inclined to live here that they are taking accommodation and car on permanent rents. The weathers as well as the hospitable people here make these things possible for everyone.

It is very important to know that one has to consider the cost and money matters here. It is because of the fact that every cost of items is available here and one can get the different quality items here in one’s own Budget . Moreover banks are there to facilitate people in every possible respect. The only thing one has to do is to have a plenty of time to spend and enjoy holidays. In banks it has been found that after having permanent residence people long for bank account. But it is always recommended that one should try to have a back account in some renowned bank. It is because of the fact that in this case one can avoid any great mishap about the site which is truly unknown to him. More over there are different enchanting things which primarily include the nightlife here. It is famous all over the Ireland.

Eating In Belfast

Belfast is a city that has attractions for everybody, belonging to every age. It has been found that it has variant shopping malls, colorful parks, fascinating theater and enormous eating resorts. There are different sites where one can get all different types of food in one place. The Italian food is very famous right here and one can also get the Asian as well as the British food. The only thing one is needed to do is to reach the appropriate site according to his taste. There are hotels like Springsteen’s Dinner and Hill Street Brasseirine that are known for the quality food with best tastes according to the cultural requirements. Steaks, Mexican curry and Turkey is very famous in these resorts. Other than this they also allow you with the casual dining which make it affordable for everyone. In Hill Street Brasserie there is also a cathedral location with which one can get the holy soothe.

Other than these, other famous eating sites include the Simple Deans, Deans, Spice Indian Restaurant and Templeton Hotel. Deans has the specialty of the every type of the sea food. Most famous dish here is the roasted fish with which one can get great energy as well. In the Spice Indian restaurant one can get the spicy and chilled Asian food which includes different vegetable as well as the meat dishes. Templeton hotel is also a famous and loved one site where one can get the luxurious stay as well as the food. It has the public bar as well as the elegant longue. The most important thing about it is that it is near to the airport. So, at your arrival, you don’t have to worry about anything as you can get the best immediate staying and eating facilities here.

Belfast Festivals

Belfast is a city that is rich in culture and its architecture. There are different festivals that are celebrated over the year. In every month there is some celebration held to recreate people. The only thing one has to do is to have a plenty of time to enjoy all possible sooths. There are different festivals of which important ones include the poetry festival. It is held annually that amuse all types of the poetry in all the respective ways. Other than this in January New Year day is celebrated with zest and zeal. This is a local holiday that is celebrated there. Other than this in February Castlereagh art festival is celebrated along with music concerts that are held throughout the summers.  Belfast marathon is also an important and famous festival that is started in the May to make people aware of the respective importance of sports in everybody’s life. Lord Mayor Show is celebrated with the carnival parade to revise the memory of earlier struggle.  In the mid of the June Sonorites festival is celebrated that cause people to rejoice with the most loved musicians in every possible respect. More over other Belfast orange festival and Belfast Rose week festivals are also very famous and because they are held in summers, most of the tourists can enjoy the best possible holidays.

City transport is also amendable in this respect and one can get all possible ease in reaching these sites in most affordable rates. It can serve best but it is time consuming.

Museums & Monuments In Belfast

Belfast has been attracting visitors not only because of its natural beauty but also because of its enriched culture, historical monuments and museums. Museums in Belfast are the major attractions of the city for the tourists. Royal Ulster Rifles Museum of Belfast is one of the most popular museums. It is located behind the war memorial building.

If you have interest in the collect of archeology, natural sciences and Irish history, then you should visit Ulster Museum, which is a National museum with a collection of American, European and British Art. You should also plan visit to Old Museum Art Centre which is the centre of dance, art and theatre. This museum also organizes many exhibitions and events from time to time.

In the museums of Belfast, another best museum is PSNI which displays uniforms, equipments and photographs of Irish Constabulary. Tourists show a great interest in visiting World War II Exhibition which has the collections of equipment used in the Second World War. Finally you should visit People museum which displays the history of the Shankill district of World War I and II.

Kid's Amusements In Belfast

Belfast attracts millions of visitors every year and it is interesting to note that a major chunk of visitors include children. There are many attractions in the city for the kids such as Belfast museums, Belfast art galleries, Belfast zoo, parks and various exhibitions.

On the top of the list, Belfast zoo comes because of its huge variety of animals, facilities and preservation programs. The main attraction of zoo for kids include Asian Elephants, zebras, tigers, bears, gorillas, kangaroos and monkeys. The entry for kids under four years of age is free while families can get discounts. Another attraction for the kids is Seaforde Gardens and Tropical Butterfly House which dates back to the early 17th century.

If you are visiting Belfast with your kids, you must take them to Ark Open Farm which is situated in the North Down area of Belfast. This farm has many friendly farmyard animals which can be touched by kids. Therefore, kids have a lot of fun in this farm. If your kids are fond of sports and outdoor activities, then you must take them to Cave Hill Adventure Playground which features high walkways, sandpits, and climbing equipment.

Moreover, you can take your kids to Exploris Aquarium Belfast, which is sharks, rays, large and small fish.

Belfast Beaches

There are many sites in Belfast that are worth seeing and where one can enjoy the best possible time. There are different resorts as eating resorts, shopping malls, beaches and parks and gardens that are meant for amusing people. There are many beaches that are there to rejoice people; of these most famous and most visited ones include Ballyholme Beach which is a family beach that has great environment with cool breeze and warm sun. One can also get the wood shades of palm trees there. More over there are other beaches which include Belfast beach and Castle Ward Beach which have the facilities for every one and one can enjoy the best possible time. Even one don’t have to worry about the disabled family member with him as there are all possible facilities that are made available for every one so that one may not face any problem. There are wheel chairs, belts and sticks that are provided to every given site including the beaches as well. The only thing required here is to have a plenty of time to enjoy the best possible time here. The online sites are here to guide people in every possible respect. The best thing about these beaches is that one can easily enjoy the sooth of place like heaven with the family. It has different sites for singles, couples as well as for families which make it the most feasible place for people to come here.

Belfast Parks

Belfast is the site which has much to offer to the tourists coming up from any site. There are various open spaces in the Belfast that are known as the garden and parks. It has been reported that there are near about 40 parks in the city. Some of them are small while others are bigger. Of these common and famous parks include the Alexandra Park which is known for its greenery and beautiful sight with flower beds and enchanting swings for youngsters and children. More over there is another very famous park Alderman Tommy Patton Memorial Park, which is known for great recreation along with historical taste in it. Due to its architectural and historical beauty it is known as one of the most visited parks.

Belfast Castle  and Botanic Gardens are also very famous among the masses and they were built in the early 19th century in the era of Queen Quarter. These gardens were very beautifully designed by the Sir Charles Lanyon. It has a humid jungle built in it which is commonly known as the Tropical Ravine. In these gardens there are usually musical concerts held in summers. Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park has its unique beauty and it is found in the southern part of the city. Every visitor coming up, must visits here it due to its beautiful flower collection and so it is known as the rose garden. Rose week is also annually held here.

Eating is an important aspect here and one can find all types of dishes in every possible respect. In parks even one can get variety of food products for every time. The online sites are there to guide people in every possible respect.

Belfast Real Estate

Ireland has been one of the countries that have been visited by thousands for the tourists all over the world. It is because of the fact that it has various enchanting cities that are there to make you rejoice in every possible respect. Tourism is most obviously seen in its capital i.e. the Dublin and the Belfast. In Belfast the facilities have been grown to such an extent that one can get the best possible time there. In case of accommodation they make you at ease in every possible respect. It is because of the fact that most of the UK companies are taking interest in investing and promoting real estate business here which is because of extreme tourist tilt here. Moreover it has been seen that every type of accommodation is available here. No matter what you require Belfast offer you with everything like apartments, hotels, pensions, hostels, villas, bungalow or even a countryside apartment. If one is interested in camping, they also facilitate you in this very regard. So it has become very important aspect of life for people to come and rejoice their most of the vacations here. In this case the sales are available to assist people and now people have longed for the permanent residence here. One can also get the online information about all these respective things.

History of the Real estate business shows that it has grown over the years and over the 5-10 years it has flourished leaps and bounds which has made people so comfortable while having a trip of it.

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