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History of Bergamo City

Bergamo is the town of an Italian city Lombardy situated at a distance of 40km towards the northeast of Milan. It is a home to a large number of people approximately 117,000 individuals.

The town has a rich historical background referring back to the colonisation of Celtic tribe. Their place of settlement was called Bergomum, where today?s Bergamo town is resting. It became a Roman administrative district in 49 BC. Bergamo has been a seat to many renowned personalities of past centuries like in the 6th century; it had been a home to duke Wallaris.

Bergamo became an independent town in 11th century and defeated Fredrick I Barbarossa in 1156, while taking part in the Lombard League. It became a part of Milan in 1262 for different intervals. During 1407, there had been a conquest, and consequently in 1428, it came under the rule of Venetian Republic. Most of the higher portion of the town was then fortified.


The city is generally warm and the months in which the temperature is high are from June to September, during which the temperature remains between 19C to 29C. For the higher range of temperature it can be unbearable for some visitors if they come from a cold environment. But during the winters temperature can fall drastically, between the months November to March the temperature ranges from -1C to 8C.

It is recommended that if you are visiting the place the best months would be between April and July, this way you can get a mild temperature which may be not too hot and not too cold either.

Arrival to Bergamo

Bergamo is a famous holiday destination that attracts people due to its historical richness, medieval art, and architecture. Arriving at Bergamo is not difficult as it is connected to the world by air, by road i.e. by car and by train.

To arrive at Bergamo, you can take a flight, as it is included in all the important airlines? directories. It is also easy to reach by railway. Like most of the Italian resorts? airport, Bergamo airport is also served by economical airlines like the renowned Ryanair.

The Orio al Serio airport lies at a distance of 2km away from the city. It is catered by all National and Internationalflights. The Milano Malpensa airport is situated at a distance of 90 km away from Bergamo, whereas the Milano Linate airport lies at 40km from the city.

Getting in to the city can be done using the airport shuttle service. It reaches directly to the Bergamo train station departing after an interval of 30 minutes. By train, you can reach while taking a train from Milan. From Milan to Bergamo, 1 train leaves every hour and ftom Bergamo, 1 train leaves every 10 minutes.

By car, the city can be easily reached by taking the A4 Milan-Venice highway, for both, to come and go.

City Transport

Now once you are in Bergamo, it is to bee seen that what transportation facilities are available there for you to avail.


Bergamo is a beautiful town in Italy which is divided into upper and lower town. There are many attractions to see in this city which will surely make your trip a memorable one. The Piazza Vecchia is situated in the lower city and is a place where you will find all medieval buildings and Renaissance architecture, and in the middle of all this there is an open space, which consists of a fountain. This is a good spot for picnic and refreshing yourself. There are good religious buildings as well, like Santa Maria Maggiore, which was built in 12th century, and it is one of the most loved building in Bergamo. The interior of this building is shaped as an octagon.

The Colleoni Chapel is also a place worth visiting. Bergamo is a place filled with museums and historical architectures. The Museo Storico is one of local museums in the city, along with Museo Archeological and Museum of Civico di Scienze naturali. Tourists who cannot read Italian may have a problem as the description in these museums is only written in Italian. There is a museum which features woodwork as well; it goes by the name of Museo del Falegname Tino Sana. Castillo is another popular place which once was a beautiful and huge fortress. This is an area which is best to be explored on foot. Castello is situated at San Vigilio, a small settlement near the upper town.

If you are an art lover then you should visit Accademia, which features art by masters of Botticelli, Fra Angelico, Mantegna and Bellini. The Donizetti Theatre is also a place worth giving a visit. Here you might find some nice restaurants and places for sightseeing or even a relaxing place to get a break from all day of sight-seeing.


The city of Bergamo can be an interesting place to explore, you can spend an afternoon in the Bergamo's old town remains, all surrounded by walls and the beautiful plains below.

The cable railways are another good option to explore which gives you a view that is breath-taking. There are some interesting places like the ruins from different centuries and cultures, here you will find architect from the Celts, Romans, Goths and anything you can name which was in Europe in the past. Another great place to explore is the green fields which enclose the old town and you will find plenty of gardens and fields to roam around in this city.


Bergamo being a small city does not stop it from being a great place to enjoy eating and drinking, Birrificio Ristorante Pizzeria Maivisto is one such place which is worth visiting, other places of visiting is Il Pianone which is an Italian food which will surely make you enjoy the best of Italian cuisine, with its historical building which dates back to 1600s.

Some other places worth visiting are Taverna del Colleoni Dell'Angelo, Trattoria Sant'Ambroeus, Officina Dei Sapori and Da Mimmo. All of these are Italian restaurants which will surely not disappoint you.


Bergamo might be a small city but it has a lot of variety to offer in terms of Night-life, even if you just want a quiet night at pub drinking, or even meeting new people, you can enjoy any of those. Since it is a warm city therefore during the summer nights there are outdoor parties like on the Venetian Walls and some of the pubs have open air seating as well, which gives a beautiful and breath-taking view while you enjoy your night out.

The city is full of places which offer you to dine out during the night, one such place is Bonomelli at Zucchero and Sale, you can take away your food, or you can eat there as well; and the best thing is that they are open 24 hours. Donezetti Theatre is also another place of interest in the night-life in Bergamo, which hosts many musical events and also the Bergamo Jazz Festival or the season of Operetta.

If you are into dancing then Bar Dell'Angelo is the place you should be visiting, other places where you can enjoy dancing are Fluid Discotheque, and also the Discoteca Clubbing; these clubs specifically play electronic music.


When you visit Bergamo then you will find some difference between the Upper City and the Lower City of Bergamo, here you will see that Upper City is full of latest trendy stores, and this is quite noticeable when you see Tiziana Fausti store which is filled with elegant shopping material. Another great place for after dinner shopping is the Via Colleoni which is a narrow lane full of small shops and restaurants. To get good pair of spectacles or sunglasses the best place to visit would be LOB Ottica; they serve all the top brands from Fendi, to Dolce & Gabbana to Miu Miu.

Besides such stores there are all big brands such as Zara, MaxMara, Laura Harper, Bruschi and La Perla, they all have their stores located in the city centre which cannot be missed when you visit Bergamo.

Disabled Visitors

Italy does take the responsibility of mobility impaired visitors and try their best to make the visit as pleasant as possible. Majority of hotels in this city are accessible for wheelchair users or any person with mobility related disability. Besides hotels there are the other places of which some of them have the facilities for the disabled and some do not, but generally most of the places do have various options, the Italian government itself encourages this and also rent equipment for disabled people if they want to visit some place. Different shows like the boat shows and museums all are equipped with facilities for disabled people. Though it is still possible to make arrangements beforehand, such as hiring a car, or even a taxi if you are thinking to go for sight-seeing.

Accommodation in Bergamo

If you have a cult to see the history and its presence in today?s world, then you must plan your trip to Bergamo in Italy. The place has attractive historical projection which take you back in past while watching their grandeur and elegance.

While out on a holiday trip, it is an essentiality to look for an appropriate accommodation. In Bergamo, you can find different kinds of reliable accommodations in different parts of the town, such as farmsteads and countryseats. In these accommodations, you can find the facilities of bed and breakfast to give you relaxation so that you can enjoy your holiday trip more.

The famous accommodations available in Bergamo are as follows:

Bed & Breakfast Accademia

Ai Musei

Bed and Breakfast Alle Mura Villa Rina

Bed and Breakfast Alba Bergamo

Bed and Breakfast Alla Corte di Torretta

Accommodation Sotto le Mura

There are numerous other hotels, rest houses, guesthouses, and apartments available through out the town. Bergamo is comprised of two cities; Citta? Alta and Citta? Bassa where an appropriate accommodation can be easily found suiting to your personal preferences and economical limitations.

Bergamo offers many beautiful resorts to its guests. Each year the place is crowded with people hailing to the place from all over the world. It is said that the holiday experience in Bergamo are unmatched and can?t be acquired anywhere else.

The City of Bergamo

The city of Bergamo hosts almost 120,000 people where as the commune is a home to approximately 117,000 residents. It is situated to the northeast of Milan at a distance of 40km. Bergamo is marked with rich historical backgrounds known for its extraordinary beautiful pictorial qualities. Projecting the beauty of artistic treasures and plentiful medieval references, it is a rare combination of two cities. The combination is known as Citta? Bassa and Citta? Alta, the modern and busy lower city, and historically renowned rich cultural upper city respectively.

Roaming around in the city does not require a transport facility if you are wishing to see places only in Citta? Bassa. However, if you are planning to visit places in Citta? Alta, then you will require a car to move on.

Useful Contact numbers

Emergency contact numbers are necessary to have when you are going to some place. In case of emergency, they are beneficial and may give you such help that you wouldn?t have thought otherwise.

Getting hold of emergency contact numbers of any place is not difficult. They can be taken when one lands at the airport of the destination. Several bookstalls and bookstores at the airport can provide the required information to the travellers. The information desk can also be used to get the list of emergency contact numbers in Bergamo. Another easy way to get the emergency numbers prior to your arrival is to access internet.

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