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Like any other city the best time to visit a place like Switzerland would be the summers, as the winters could get unbearable for many, the winters may bring extreme cold which may make it difficult for the tourists to explore the city and sightseeing. Recommended months to visit are from May to October, during which the temperature remains between 14C to 19C or 8C to 10C for the colder temperature. Therefore it is best to visit the place during the summer holiday.

City Transport

The city of Bern is small and easy to navigate by using efficient mode of transportation. It offers many ways to get around and explore the city and its surrounding areas. The Bern uses public transport system known as Stadtische Verkehrsbetriebe. It is an extensive bus network that links various areas of city. The widely used mode of transportation in city is tram where tickets can easily be bought through automatic machines situated in every tram. While, the buses in the city are excellent, frequent and very efficient therefore, people find it easy to travel in buses rather than in taxis. The city is excellent to explore on foot whereas, taxis can be booked in advance. Moreover, the city can also be accessed through bicycle which is an easiest way and maps are easily available everywhere in order to define cycling paths.

The city has efficient shuttle service which runs through main centers and usually run according to flight schedules. Whereas, it is also possible to take short local bus as well as trains also serves the paths efficiently.

The transportation system of the city also cares for its disable visitors and provides wheelchairs and ramps. The city offer extensive ways to explore the famous places of the city. It provides an easiest way to passengers to move around the city in cheap prices and in a comfortable way.


Bern or The City of Bern is a city of Switzerland and also one of the most historical cities, and the official language here is German, or Bernese German. This city can be a full of surprises when you are on a tour or visiting for holiday. One of the major attractions which the tourists visit is the Bern's Clock Tower, built in 1530 it is sight which is worth seeing with the astronomical clock with moving figures. Another import sight-seeing is the Swiss House of Parliament which is a beautiful building with the east wing mirroring the west wing, the building was fully completed in the year 1902, and the central dome is filled with the rich Swiss history. Other interesting places to visit are Cathedral of Bern, visitors and tourists can enjoy the beautiful view from the church tower; which presents a view of the whole city; quite a breath-taking view. It is one of the most significant churches in Switzerland. The Rose Garden is also another sight-seeing place which is interesting as it has over 200 different types of roses and offers a great place to relax with a beautiful view of the Old Town as well Some other good places to visit are The Granary; which was used as a place to store grain, but now used for festivals and other purposes. The Prison Tower, French Church, Town Hall, City of Fountains; where you will find 100 different types of fountains.Other interesting places to visit are Bern Historical Museum, Federal Building, Bear Park, Museum of Fine Arts and Barenplatz.


There are plenty of places in Bern where you could explore and spend a day out, like the Adventure Rooms is a major attraction among the adults and the children. Another place of attraction is the Old Town Bern for which you almost require a whole day to explore, there are variety of sight-seeing scenery, shops and places to visit. Another famous place to visit is the Bern's Bear Park, and The Einstein Museum, Bern Communications Museum, and the Federal Palace. The palace was built between 1894 – 1902 and has an amazing building and architect which is worth seeing if you are on holiday in Bern.


Since Switzerland is a sweet spot for the tourists from all around the world therefore the city has all kinds of cuisines to offer to the holiday-goers, from Italian to Internationalto vegetarian or Greek or European. To start with there are some great Italian restaurants like Verdi which has most of the Italian dishes with Italian wine to boost up your experience of Italian cuisine. There are some dining places Tibits which serve only Vegetarian food, this place is buffet and gives a good value for money. Bern also has Asian cuisines specialist such as Fugu Nydegg, other choices depend on what type of food you want to try while you are staying in Bern, which may consist of all types of food. Altes Tramdepot is another restaurant which has an integrated brewery in the premises and serves great food over there, or even Gruten where you can enjoy great food with a really great view as it is situated on the mountain.


As much as the city of Bern may sound historical, but behind these historical facades there lies a modern and exciting night-life which caters to all types of needs and demands of different people from all around the world. So it does not matter what type of night-life you are looking for, you will not be disappointed with this city's vibrant night life.In this city you will find night-life in casinos, bars, wine bars, pubs and night clubs. To start with if you are a casino lover then you should visit the Grand Casino, which is the largest in Bern and has over 300 slots to play, along with other games such as American Roulette and various types of poker games. If you are interested in a quiet night at a pub or wine bar then Allegor Bar, Lorenzini, Abflugbar are great for it. Some bars even turn into a massive party spots over the weekends and the DJ play all night long to keep the visitors entertained. Night clubs is another option for the young and vibrant crowd, some of the famous night clubs in Bern which are worth visiting are Marian's JazzRoom, Come Back Bar, Cesary Bar, and some other bars are dedicated to gay and lesbian such as Bar aux Petits Fours. If you are looking for Jazz or blues music to enjoy then Mahogany Hall is good place to start with, or if you are looking forward to R'nB and hip hop then CU Club is the also a good club.


Bern is a place where once you go shopping you are obliged to spend long hours in the exquisite shopping malls. You can comfortably shop in any type of weather in Bern, most of the shops in Bern are open throughout the week expect Sunday; it may depend on the store as well. Whatever you may be looking for from watches to souvenirs or even confectionery all is available in this beautiful city. For individual stores there are stores like Loeb, Globus, Ryfflihof, Wandork Centre and Westside. If you are looking forward to a more fashion and brand oriented shopping then there are boutiques and showrooms available as well. Some well-known are ZANA Boutique AG, Yamatuti and many more. Shopping for souvenirs and watches are also easily available, some big names in this category are Bucherer, Watch-Jewelry Shop Zigerli, Fahnenfabrik Bern and Heimatwerk. So no matter what you are looking for you can find it easily with premium quality and pleasant atmosphere.

Disabled Visitors

The Swiss authorities have proper rules and regulations for the disabled; they have special departments for all type of Public Transportation. In the public transportation the companies and services that are facilitated with the disability requirements are Swiss Federal Railways, Bern Mobil, RBS (Bern – Southern Regional Transport Services).Besides these services there are taxi services as well which cater to the needs of mobility impaired people, among which EasyCab and BETAX (Bern Transport for disabled) are well-known)

Bern Accommodation

Bern is one of the largest and capital cities of Italy. The city is the wealthiest capital and often called Furniture capital of Indiana in Italy. The city is one of the largest among largest metropolitan areas and Swiss capital since 1848.Therefore, thousands of people visits the city each year due to the reason. Bern is the largest furniture industrial sector and a city of business. This largest city of the country serves its visitors and provides packages and accommodations to those who want to visit the city.

The city provides accommodation for all kinds of visitors including those who go for luxury, comfort and on economic rates and comfort. Bern accommodation helps to get the best location according to user’s preferences. However, the city is the trade center and a political center hence; it offers an array of accommodation with residence, bed and breakfast. These accommodations include Pension Marthahaus is a tastefully renovated house with light colors which gives people a sense of charm. Hotel Alpenblick Bern is a place to live with historical theme which also offers arena of ice hockey. Youth hostel Bern is a popular accommodation for business travelers in order to live and enjoy.

The best accommodation of the city includes LandHause hotel, Sorell hotel, Arabelle, Kruenz Hotel and Astoria swiss Bern. These hotels are located in peaceful places and specially designed for business meetings and for family gatherings. On the other hand, the above mentioned hotels provide the best accommodation including easy access to banks and shopping areas.

City of Bern

Bern is the capital city of Switzerland, a diverse and beautiful city of Swiss. Whereas, it is a medieval city invented in 1191 and situated around the river Aare and the most populist city with a population of 122,658 and a land area with 51.6 kilometer square. The city is famous due to its cultural and historic life. Moreover, the city of Bern was built in catholic style with local sandstone. Bern is considered as the highest gothic cathedral. Bern is one of the wealthiest cities, with largest stable economy among all other regions.

Moreover, Bern is considered as the largest trade center due to its stable economy and due to an executive council situated in the city. Bern agglomeration of the city includes 43 municipalities whereas; it is also a capital of Casnton of Bern which is the second populous cantons of Switzerland. Bern most historic center was featured in the list of UNESCO world heritage whereas; it is among world’s top ten cities famous for the best way of life.

Bern is the most important and the best place for entrepreneurs in order to establish new venture. It is the only way that drives the vibrant city of Bern that is widely accepted to be the economic power house of the region.  In order to visit the city car hires help people to get around the city and explore the nearby areas of the city.

Useful Contact Numbers

Bern is a tourist destination therefore; it faces flock of people each year. City also cares for its visitors in order to provide them comfort and flexibility. Emergency contact numbers are essential to keep while anyone plans to visit any where. Bern has stable economy and a great tourist destination spot. Useful contact numbers help the visitors in case of emergencies.


Bern hospital offer emergency faculty 365 in order to get immediate aid. it provides urgent medical treatment and hygiene treatment to cure all kind of diseases.
0900 57 67 47

Bus service

Bern has an extensive bus system and offer in case of emergencies. Bern bus provides the facility to arrange the bus in a short time
++41 (0)61 545 95 95


Taxis are a valuable mode of transportation and are easily available at different places especially nearby airport to reach the airport in a short time period.
031 333 88 88


The airport provides 24/7 customer service for convenience of its passengers in case of emergencies.

Transport system


The city has an extensive railway network which links the city to nearby areas and its surroundings. It provides different buses for short distances and also for long distances.
+41 (0)31 311 14 01

However, Tourist can bring own vehicles and move freely around the city. Car hire Bilbao gives a chance to move freely every where inside and outside the city. People can hire a car from anywhere inside the city in order to touch all nearby areas.

Bern Festivals

Bern festivals and popular event takes place throughout the year. Bern is full of charm, attractions and with beautiful sightseeing which caters the tourists towards the city. The city celebrates many festivals and endless fun activities for everyone. These festivals give unforgettable memories and pleasurable moments. The city offer many events during the month of June which always draws huge crowds across Europe.

Many festivals also take place during the season of winters. Events held during winter season include Queer fill festival, gay and lesbian event. Bern cathedral is an interesting festival which takes place every year. The most popular and the famous market, onion market is particularly historic and also believed to have taken place in the city for more than 600 years. The festival offers indoor and outdoor concerts plus fun activities such as fashion shows, art, crafts and dance performances. Yuletide celebrations held during Christmas season by offering many fun oriented games for Christians kids and adults.

Bern also celebrates many shopping festival that are specially designed to promote city’s fashion industry. These festivals help people and city to boost their economy and to create the city’s name among the most popular sectors. However, the city’s primary aim to showcase other festivals, meetings and entertainment events that city has to offer during the running months. Car hire location is an easiest way and best option to get the car and to ouch all nearby areas of the city in reasonable prices without facing hazardous problems. To enjoy the events many people come on these dates and enjoy with freedom. People loves to avail different opportunities.

Museums in Bern

Bern is a capital city and chock full with important famous museums including leading Swiss art galleries. The city has many cultural and famous historic places and fair of public art. Bern museum of fine art is a home to many exceptional paintings by the most famous and leading artists. Swiss alpine museum displays many science based paintings and things belong to previous people passed into the city. Whereas, the museum of fine arts is famous displays the best art and paintings and definite thrill. The museum is situated along the Hodlerstrasse which is easy to reach. Bern historical museum is intended to the house of Swiss National museum. The museum has many spacious rooms which display the remembrance and contributions made by German physicist Albert Einstein who spent many years living in the city. Natural history museum is most famous around Bern displays the stuffed of Barry. It also displays the remembrance of stuffed animals along with fossils, stones and minerals.

Moreover, museum of communication displays antique telephones which are the best mode of communications. It also displays thousands of old stamps and postal stamps. Museums depict the previous belongings of ancestors and play an important role in order to display country’s precious assets. The museums captures the attention of tourist therefore, thousands of people visits the city each year.

Kids Amusement in Bern

Bern is family oriented friendly place with lots of fun activities, constructive and interesting activities for everyone in order to hook on. However, the government of the city spends lots of money in order to arrange fun activities for kids. Signal de Bougy is a leisure park conceived the whole family in mind. Kids can enjoy many activities such as minigolf, badminton, rides, climbing apparatus, clowns and zoo. The Park also serves self service restaurant and picnic areas for younger ones. Moreover, jardin Alpin is situated in the hear f the city. Here, the kids will find a rock garden a pond with a water plants which mainly attract kids towards it. The park has a caged area with chicken, ducks and goats. Whereas, the most attractive place thing is a rose garden situated in the middle of the park which is planted in a form of rose.

Moreover, kids are the most valuable asset of any country therefore; government spends lot of money in making he kids more enjoyable. These parks have different exotic and domestic rides and animals for kids in order to get most of the fun. Parents take their children in these parks and places in order to gain knowledge and information regarding nature and natural plants and things. People come every year to vii the city and to explore most of its places in short time periods.

Bern Beaches

Beaches play an important role in every ones life and in every cities beauty as well. It is the only place where anyone can enjoy with their family and enjoy their precious moments of life. People love beaches because of its beautiful sight seeing and a beautiful place to relax.  Stranbard Farmsen beach is around seven mile in length and breadth beach with fine sand and dark colored sand protected by cliffs.

Governments spend lots of money in order o makes the beaches more beautiful and peaceful. Whereas, it offer many activities for tourists in order to get most of the fun. Activities offered by the beaches include fishing and bird watching that mostly people loves to do. The beach is clean and with full of entertaining activities which attracts tourists towards it. The beach is considered as the famous one therefore, people who comes to city in case of business meetings or for the sake of fun are recommended to visit the beach once. It is advisable to keep all essentials things when you plan to visit the beach such as life jackets, tubes, goggles and dress.

The best time to visit the beach is during summers when he sun shines with light rainfall. During summers the beach gives pleasant scenes and effects of sand and rock.


Bern is a capital city of Switzerland with full fun activities and business opportunities. The city is considered as the tourist destination and a city with beautiful sightseeing.. Whereas, theme parks and water are amongst the best popular tourist attraction. Moreover, the city offers more than water and theme parks in terms of activities. The government of the city spends lots of money in order to create fun activities for kids. These fun activities such as parks, zoo, theme parks and water parks are the best source for kids to get knowledge about their various activities. Through these activities kids become closer to nature and will get the chance to acquire maximum knowledge about the nature. Bern Park is relatively a new addition to the attraction scene of the city. The park is a large complex offers an array of attractions such as river, an exciting wave pool, miniature golf, dangerous rides, landscaped gardens, sun beds and tenpin bowling. It is assumed as a fascinating place for kids and adults to explore and enjoy different faces of life with thrill and fun.

Moreover, Arboretum Neuenkoop is another famous park in the city that offers abundant activities for kids. Parks plays an important role in everyone’s life. It also plays a vital role to make the environment pleasant and attractive.

Real Estate

The city is small but has many places to explore for everyone. Each year thousands of people visits the city and impressed by the way of life the people of city spend. The people of the city are happy and live a healthy life as the city has stable economy. Moreover, the city’s real estate plays an important role to boost the economy of the city. Therefore, the people can easily enjoy the fruitful results by investing in city’s real estate. In addition, the costs of running a property are relatively cheap and people are very interested to invest in the property. Moreover, the Bern market covers a wide range of properties. Its property includes plots, villas, commercial complexes and apartments.

The city has multiple of profit making opportunities for those who seems interest in real estates. The best opportunity to make property on the island is to invest in hotels that people could rent out to visitors and tourists. The city celebrates different festivals each year therefore; it experiences flock of people in order to enjoy different activities. Bern real estate is increasing day by day due to larger investment from investors and entrepreneurs who wants to run their business in this respective field.

 In addition, only the professionals have the knowledge and breadth of experience to interpret people vision into reality. The city has many opportunities to grow profits and business and for that purpose people visits the city many times.

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