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Bilbao airport is located in the north of Spain, in Loiu which is 7 miles outside the city Bilbao or the Biscay region. It is often described as the entrance or access point to the Basque region in Spain.

Bilbao Airport Car hire Companies

There are currently four car hire companies available on site at the Bilbao airport. These are:? Avis (Located in the Terminal Building)? Europcar (Can be Found in the Terminal Building)? Hertz ( Located in Terminal s B and C)? National Atesa (Located in the Terminal Building)

Directions and Location of Car hire Companies/Services

Bilbao airport has just one Terminal which is designed to look like two long white wings and is located in the northern part of the airport. Each of the four car hire companies has a wide range of bonuses and discounts that you can easily take advantage of. With Hertz, Avis, Europcar and National Atesa, you get access to a wide variety of car services offering different perks and packages. To find out more about each car hire service in Bilbao airport, you can use

It is often wise and time saving if you book your car hire services before getting to the airport as this would save you a lot of time. Not just that, you will also get to choose from the best of the available cars or make your requests for specific car choices.

Bilbao currently caters to about 4million passengers a year and is thus, a very busy airport. There are about 10 airlines (including AirFrance, Iberia, Air Europa, Lufthansa, Easyjets, Vueling, Spanair) operating out the airport and these all cater to local as well as Internationalflights to the Cologne, Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris, Dusseldorf, Stuggart, Munich, and Lisbon. Flights from the UK and Ireland also land at the airport.

Driving Directions to Bilbao Airport by Car

There are four main routes to the airport:From Alameda Ricalde, take the La Salve bridge, take any of the Artxanda tunnels on the left to exit at Corredor del Txorrieri. Then follow the airport signs.From Rontegi, take the A-8 through Santander until the right turn to Gexto. Drive until you connect with the Corredor del Txorrieri. Follow the signs.

Bilbao Airport Information

Phone: +34 944 869 664
Fax: +34 944 869 726