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Best Car Rentals Bilbao

History Bilbao

The history of Bilbao began as a small village with a tiny port on the right bank of the estuary. It was a village of some fishermen, farmers with one or two noble family. The city got its most important privileges in 1315 when Alfonso XI had the Camino de Santiago redirected a bit so that Bilbao would fall along the route. By the middle of the fifteenth century Bilbao was flourishing and changing its topography; it was in 1483 when the city increased radically in size and El Arenal emerged. The Bilbao, unfortunately, took part in fighting and war: the 1631's disturbances caused by the state monopoly on salt. The War of Independence with another occupation by the French the First and Second Carlist Wars, where Bilbao becomes the prime objective; and of course, the Spanish Civil War of 1936. Today's Bilbao is growing in a new direction. Like the phoenix from the flames, it seems to be glowing with a new brilliance. The Guggenheim is the most spectacular to the date. It was designed by Frank O. Gehry and classified as one of the most fantastic pieces of avant-garde architecture of the 20th century. Bilbao was a small port which is now a developing by heaps and bounds

When to go Bilbao

People often wonder about the best time to visit a place. And they always get different answers, depending on who they ask or what is in the mind of people giving them answers. Tour operators and people in the Tourism industry may try to convince you that this place or the other is 'the land for all seasons' and that's not necessarily wrong. If a place is worth visiting it's worth visiting all year round! Take Spain for example, one of the world's most popular destinations. Temperate climate (all year round), art and culture everywhere you look, beautiful scenery, amazing beaches, dreamy cuisine, Latin temperament, religious spirit, lust for life, vibrant and vain. Spain is an example of a land for all seasons and that is not at all a cliché in this case! Now we come to Bilbao. What is the best time to visit this awesome city? Well Bilbao, although in an autonomous region, is still in Spain and the Basque Country has more similarities than differences with the rest of the country. One significant difference is the climate. Bilbao is very far from the Mediterranean Sea and very close to the Atlantic Ocean. Its oceanic climate accounts for its wetness (especially in winter) but temperate seasons so the weather is not really a big problem at any time. Its main attraction, the Guggenheim museum is of course open all year round and is in itself a reason to visit the city. It is the period from May to October that is more preferable but it's always a good idea to avoid August when tourists swarm and most of the local population is on holiday in Costa del Sol! However it is on August 15th that the Spaniards celebrate their favourite Madonna, the beloved Virgin Mary and it's a day of prayer and festivity for locals and visitors alike. The main holidays are Good Friday, May 1st (not a good day to visit Bilbao), October 12(National Day), November 1(All Saints), December 6 (Constitution Day), December 6 (Immaculate Conception) and of course Christmas!


Weather Bilbao

The weather is often your main concern when on holiday. Not without reason it is an important issue as it can easily ruin your visit and turn your long awaited for break into a time of anguish. We are not talking about bad luck here, like going to Thailand and encountering the tsunami. Global weather, although changing and becoming more and more unpredictable, is still true to some long lasting rules that are very useful to keep in mind whenever you have the chance to visit a place What you should absolutely disregard is the impression, the idea you have pinned into your head about local weather. When you think of Spain, for example, the first picture that automatically pops up is that of sunny beaches, emerald waters and shiny days. Well they are there too, but have you ever thought about the capital Madrid and its scorching 41 degree summers? How would you feel being in Madrid under such conditions with no water to swim in and very little to drink, holding your expensive guide book in hand saying that the temperature in Madrid sometimes rises over 30 degrees?Bilbao is close to the Bay of Biscay which gives it an oceanic climate which in short means that you should remember two words: timid and humid! Summers are not too hot but the dry season is not well defined so you can expect the odd shower even in July. Rainfall is abundant throughout the year, especially during the spring and autumn months. Winters are pleasantly mild, the occasional snow bringing up the holiday spirit rather than causing nuisance .Don't forget that Bilbao is a city, not a very large one (Spain's 10th largest) but big enough to have its own micro climate. This and its proximity to the ocean makes it enjoy low thermal oscillations-which is not a bad thing, it just means that the temperature varies between 6 and 27 degrees throughout the year.

Arrival Bilbao

Most flights arrive at Bilbao airport, which is conveniently located 8km north of the city. The recently redesigned Sondika International Airport is the most important in the north of the Iberian Peninsula and has numerous connections to many destinations around Europe. It is a modern airport with all necessary amenities, included facilities for disabled people, the blind and the hard of hearing. Information desks about ways of travel in and around Bilbao can be found at Sondika International Airport. Regular train services run from the Bilbao-Abando railway station to both Madrid and Barcelona and other connecting services run to Galicia, Asturias, Portugal, Levante and Andalusia. The train service is very reliable and many tourists enjoy getting down to basics by taking a train, which is a very cheap mode of transportation. It is serviced by a reasonably modern train carriage, so there is no need to be uncomfortable. The nearby Port of Santurtzi has a regular twice-weekly passenger ferry service to Portsmouth in the UK and allows passengers to transport their own vehicles. Coach companies provide services running regional, National and Internationalroutes that operate from the Termibus Bus Station in the heart of the city. Public transportation in Bilboa is reliable and comfortable. Driving in Bilbao is also very easily done, but do consider having a read up of the driving laws such as speed limits. If you drive as a tourist in Bilbao, make sure you always have your passport of identity card on you.

City transport

Bilbao has a very strong network of routes. It has 13 bridges which connect the city from both sides of river through two motorways AP-8 and A-8. It has an impressive transport infra structure. The main termi bus stations are located on the southern part of the city. Underground system of buses serves 85 million passengers every year. The city has a wide network of buses with 28 normal buses, seven micro buses and eight night lines. It provides a quality service at right place on right time.C1, C2, C3 are three railway lines provides a quality service for passengers to arrive to the city.

The great and impressive thing of the city is that every place is walk able so, any person can walk anywhere easily around the city, as it has an efficient infrastructure for pedestrians. The city has ultra modern transportation system with sparkling, clean, punctual bus and metro services. Metro buses provides an easy way for tickets also, tickets can be purchased through machines operated by touch screen.

The trains and buses of the city are safe and timings of arrival and destination are clearly shown on each platform for convenience of passengers. The Bilbao railway network connects a large number of stations and provides the fastest way to travel around the city.

Best Locations Bilbao

The biggest, and one of the newest, attractions in Bilbao is the spectacular Guggenheim Museum located where the Puente de la Salve bridge crosses the Nervion River. This massive 104,700 m2 building forms the centre piece of a $1.5 billion development plan for the heart of the city.Housing works from some of the most famous artists of the 20th Century, including Picasso, Motherwell, Rauschenberg, Still, Warhol and de Koonig. Another popular museum in the city is the Museo a Euska/Museo Vasco which focus on Basque archaeology, ethnology and history. Lying in the centre of the old quarter, south of Calle Esperanza Ascao, the museum occupies a centuries-old Jesuit cloister. Another museum, the Museo de Belles Artes houses one of the important Spanish art collections and showcases both medieval and modern works of art. Two of the famous paintings in this collection are The Money Changers by Quentin Massys and The Lamentation Over Christ by Anthony van Dyck. The museum has a modern wing showing works by Gauguin, Picasso, Sorolla and Mary Cassatt.For those who are interested in modern and fine arts, Bilbao is a fantastic location. Besides art, there is also plenty of entertainment to be enjoyed, as well as fine dining. It has a vibrant nightlife and people of all ages are able to have a great time when they are in Bilbao. It also has quite a number of parks, as well as buildings of religious interest. In fact, anybody who enjoys architecture is sure to enjoy a visit to Bilbao.

Top attractions in Bilbao

Bilbao has a huge variety of attractive and historic places. It has many historic buildings and places which captures a great attention of visitors. People love the sightseeing of Nerine River. Bilbao has many attractive things for those who have a spirit to see the fascinating things must visit the city at least once. Bied berrieta municipal; library is a place to much more than a library .it has a large hall where concerts, numerous exhibitions held.

San mames football Stadium hosts many great matches with almost 40,000 spectators and includes number of bars. Mercado Antiguo Lavadero is a brick building with great super markets. This area is full of character and places. Plaza circular has many major business buildings and offices. The most attractive place is BBVA, the tallest skyscraper with 85 meters high which is the great tourist attraction in the city. Plaza Neuva is famous for best stone arches with coffee shops and hotels. This is the popular meeting spot and a great place to relax.

Plaza de toros is an impressive bullring with bullfighting and fiesta. Teatro Arriaga held plays, operas and concerts. It is well known for its impressive architecture and building. These attractive places appeal the visitors towards the city and enjoy the precious moments.

Eating in Bilbao

Bilbao is famous for its special type of cuisines and restaurants. Restaurants in Bilbao are furnished with historic things which show the look of 1960’s. The restaurants provide the place for eating and for social gatherings also. The food of Bilbao is its specialty which can be easily determined through the growing percentage of cafes and restaurants.

The hotels provide a great dining experience with fun and by providing friendly environment. The people of Bilbao are food lovers and love to eat out. These restaurants provide the quality food and service with little live music that accompanies the dining experience. Pais Vasco is very well known for its cuisine. Guggenheim restaurant provides selection of snacks and sandwiches. It offers traditional and Internationalcuisine. Sua hotel provide innovative dishes in very reasonable prices. Kikara provide cuisine plus music to enjoy the full meal. The dishes are mainly based on meat and fishes.

The beltz is a five star hotel and famous for its ultra modern design. It has splash and crash bar on ground floor. It offers a great selection of domestic and Internationalcuisine with great taste. The chef of the restaurant is prize holder for gastronomy. These hotels attract the attention of tourists towards the city and meal.

Night-life Bilbao

Bilbao is the capital of the province of Biscay, in the autonomous Basque Region of Spain. That alone says a lot about the spirit of the city and its people, it says a lot about its past but most importantly it perfectly depicts on its present and every aspect of social life, night and day. Anyway, time as well as rain is a very vague term in Spain and that applies to its autonomous regions too! Modern Bilbao is a bustling city of over 350.000 inhabitants, all hard workers but with a thirst for night-life. The same is true for the visitors most of whom are from other parts of Spain but also neighbouring France and Britain. So whether you're looking for a gastronomic party or an all night fiesta you will not be disappointed searching for food, tascas (small,casual taverns offering traditional tampas) and bodegas (cosy wineries serving exquisite local produce) are truly indispensable. Gatz, a fine cod tartlet and Port de Basque are enough to guarantee satisfaction to both stomach and soul! The narrow alleyways of the old town are dotted with lots of bars, coffee shops, clubs(such as Caf? Antzokia and Bilborock), and popular discos where you can dance the night away having two or three drinks. Disco-Pub Crystal and El Palladium are the favourite discos of Bilbao. On Friday and Saturday nights from 6:30pm to 6:30am, the bar that's jumping is Cotton Club, named after its ancestor in New York Harlem. More than 30,000 beer caps form part of the d'cor! Day and night it's Ola Bilbao!

Shopping in Bilbao

Shopping is the major part of a trip and to shop with freedom in lAvishing malls is a dream of every tourist. Bilbao has many lAvishing malls which provide the freedom to every customer to shop in a cool and friendly environment. Shopkeepers are friendly and helpful in providing the assistance to the new customers. In Bilbao there is a huge array of shops for every type of buyer such as for professionals, women, men, kids and for youngsters also.

The most popular commercial area in Bilbao is old quarter with 800 shops and with 200 accommodation facilities. Guggenheim is another popular gift shop where many kind of stuff available allied with art collection. Casco veijo is a shopping area with shoe shops, gift shops and other goods shop. Centro commercial Zubairte contains a variety of shops. This mall has cafes, bars, restaurants and a super market. Centro commercial max center is an impressive mall with almost 100 shops with beauty stores, restaurants and supermarkets including an array of shopping boutiques and designers clothes. This shopping center features a great selection of restaurants and amenities.

These colorful shopping malls make the shopping experience memorable.

Disable visitors

Bilbao is an attractive place with historic buildings. It attracts the great attention of tourists towards the city. The city also cares for its disable visitors by providing different facilities in transport, hotel, and cafes and in clubs also. It provides ramps and lifts for disable visitors and also provides wheel chair to move freely from one place to another. Hotel Hesperia offers 5 conventional rooms with fax machines, non smoking rooms, air condition and other facilities for disable visitors. Bilbao provides especial transport system for disable visitors and allocates special seats for disable visitors in trains and buses.

The hotels are integrating in providing the great services to disable visitors. Special trained dogs are provided to those people who have sight problem and can not see clearly. Wheel chairs are available at different locations in Bilbao to travel easily from one destination to another. Ibaigane and Grand Casino Nervion provide different facilities for disables by providing friendly environment.

Useful contact details for disable visitors

Basque development works for disable persons in enhancing the facilities for those persons who are not physically fit. It provides mobility of wheel chairs, lifts and ramps, guide dogs and goggles for blind persons.

34 944 15 03 00

People Of Bilbao

Bilbao is a city that has seen and experienced great change and development through this decade. It is also known as El Boxto in the native areas of Spain. It is located in the beautiful proving of Biscay and has the approximate population of 354000.

Bilbao is a very hospitable city like the rest of the Spain. Spain has been constantly moving up in the list of world tourism. Many developments have been made in the country and one of the most positive factors of Bilbao is that its people are very welcoming, warm and helpful towards the visitors.

You can find people of all religions and cultures in Bilbao. The city has been ruled by leaders belonging from many cultures and religions. Therefore, one can see a harmony in people and they live together in peace and unity. If you are lost on you way, do not feel hesitant in asking for one. Everybody will be glad to guide you no matter where you are.

If you need more help, there are tourism agencies and travel companies working in Bilbao. You can pay them a visit and ask them to resolve you problem.

Bilbao is filled with opportunities that will truly make your trip a memorable one. The city has many museums and a number of easily reachable beaches. The museums have staff that will be glad to guide you whenever you require their help. Most of the beaches also have lifeguards posts that will help and guide you and your children as most of the beaches offer the facilities of water sports.

Bilbao has an excellent network of transportation and the bus fares are very appropriate and affordable. However, if you are visiting with your family or just wish to explore every part of the city, you should hire a car.

Accommodation in Bilbao

While anyone plans for a trip many people are feared of expense of trip. Bilbao is a nice place to visit and it cares of its tourists, so it provides economical packages for its target market. It provides luxurious quality food with bed and breakfast in very reasonable prices. Bilbo provides an opportunity to its tourists to avail accommodations according to their Budget and they provide their best services as per user preferences.

Bilbao offers everything according to the person need from centric apartment to luxurious hotel. The prices tend to be very high during the peak season so it is better for the person to reserve the hotel ahead of time. The famous accommodations are hotel rural, country home, rural house la toba, Cozy Attic Flat, Indautxu, hotel Bilbi, Miro hotel, Abba Parque hotel, hotel Clara and many others.

To stay in the center of the city helps to discover the hidden corners of the city. To stay in hotels also helps to be in youthful environment where the people get chance to enjoy their vacations. These hotels provide the best quality food in cheap prices. These accommodations are for visitors, business persons and also for young students.

These hotels provide lots f facilities such as gym, spa, sports club and dancing rooms. Many people want to visit he city every year so hire a car in Bilbao is an opportunity for them to enjoy their trip with comfort.

City of Destination Bilbao

Bilbao is the Sixt h largest city and home of the biggest port in Spain, but also has a reputation of an ugly, grey, decaying industrial city. Located 396km north of Madrid and 100km west of San Sebastian, the city of Bilbao is the industrial centre of northern Spain and the political capital of the Basque region. The city has several sights that visitors can view within a day or two. The most popular attraction with visiting tourists is the new $100million Guggenheim Museum designed by the American architect Frank Gehry and given the nickname 'The Beast' by locals because of its strange shape. The commercial heart of the city bustles with activity and the skyline is full of modern skyscrapers and sky cranes. Bilbao is the largest city in the Basque region, with a population of 450,000 in the city and the surrounding metropolitan area is home to over one million inhabitants. The city has an open feel, stretching for 8km (5 miles) over the width of the Nervion River, but this is one of the most polluted rivers in Spain. Many of the buildings in the city have a layer of grime meaning that some visitors compare Bilbao to the sooty post-industrial look of an English port town. The charter establishing the city dates back to June 15, 1300 converting it from a village (pueblo) ruled by Don Diego Lopez to a city. The water, power and transport potential of the Nervion River helped the city to grow, especially during the industrial expansion of the 19th century.

Useful contact numbers

Emergency contact numbers are essential to keep while anyone plans to visit any where. Bilbao has stable economy and a great tourist destination spot. Useful contact numbers help the visitors in case of emergencies.


Osakidetza provides urgent medical treatment and hygiene treatment for all kind of diseases.

94 410 00 00

Bus service

In case of emergencies Bilbo bus provides the facility to arrange the bus in a short time

34 94 479 09 81


Taxis are easily available at different places especially nearby airport to reach the airport in a short time period.

34 94 444 88 88


The airport provides 24/7 customer service for convenience of its passengers in case of emergencies.

34 94 486 96 64

Transport system


RENFE operates in Spain and provides assistance about the arrival of trains. It provides different buses for short distances and also for long distances.

34 902 24 02 02


The sea port plays an important role in trade of any country or city. Bilbao Portsmouth ferries are a service of boat that provide online assistance for trade and boats. The service is available 24/7 on this contact number for assistance of customers.

34 94 423 44 77

Tourist can bring own vehicles and move freely around the city. Car rental Bilbao gives a chance to move freely every where inside and outside the city.

Bilbao Costs, Money And Banks

One should always have a Budget planned before visiting any city for a vacation. This one activity, if executed and planned before time, will surely make the entire trip easy for the whole family. It will help you in deciding which places to visit and where to stay. Once you have that cleared out, your vacation will be truly relaxing for you.

Spain and its cities have developed greatly over the years. This development has also increased the prices of accommodation and eating out to a certain extent. However, it is still quite an affordable place to stay.

Basically, it all depends upon the choices you make. Bilbao can be a very affordable city or a very expensive city at the same time. If you choose to go with a vacation package, you have everything decided and planned for. However, if you plan out your own vacation, you will certainly have to figure out these details. Your trip to Bilbao might cost a lot if you plan to stay at fancy expensive resorts, 4 or 5 star hotels and eat expensive cuisines from high class restaurants. The city could prove to be quite affordable if you live in 2 or 3 star hotels or rent an apartment or a flat. The transportation network of the city is also quite admired. Therefore one can also use the bus system to travel through the city.

Euros are used in Spain. There are a number of places where you can get your money exchanged in Bilbao. However, do check the exchange rate before getting your money exchanged. Besides the banks, some hotels also provide this facility and that too at very appropriate rates. Most of the restaurants, car rentals and hotels will recognize credit cards of the leading companies. Master card, visa card, American express and traveler’s checks are accepted at almost every location. ATM’s can also be found easily all around the city.

One can also employ the facilities of car rentals for their convenience. The car rental services of Bilbao are quite affordable and provide good quality cars.

Bilbao Festivals

Bilbao has a collection of festivals that are celebrated each year. These festivities grab the interest of both tourists and visitors alike. The city of Bilbao celebrates a range of festivities like film festivals, religious parades, books fairs and a number of festivals around the Easter time of the year.

If you wish to visit Bilbao, do check on the festivals its surroundings towns and cities celebrate as well. Bilbao is located in the country of Spain therefore there are celebrated almost everyday of the year in one or the city.

Some of the National public holidays of the cities include the New Year's Day on the 1st January, Epiphany on the 5th January, St. Joseph's Day on 19th March, Maundy Thursday in Late March or early April, Good Friday in Late March or early April, Labour Day on 1st May, Feast of the Assumption on 15th August, National Day on 12th October, All Saints' Day on 1st November, Constitution Day on 6th December, Feast of the Immaculate Conception on 8th December and Christmas Day on the 25th of December.

Other than the public holidays, Bilbao celebrates the St. Agueda's Day on the 4th of February. This is a historical and cultural festival in nature and choirs consisting of mostly children perform on the street dressed in traditional outfits.

Semana Santa is celebrated in early April. It is a religious festival and is being celebrated from some 500 years. There are many exciting activities in progress during this time of the year. One can find parades around the city with drums and trumpets and the final days of Christ are also reenacted.

Bilbao Book Fair is a family friendly festival of Bilbao which has gained tremendous worth over the years. The festival is celebrated in June and is housed in the Arenal area of the Casco Viejo district. Celebrities and authors from all over the world come to visit this festival. Puppet shows and other family activities are also arranged here for the entertainment of families.

Bilbao Museums

The city of Bilbao is best known for its culture and art. There are many Internationally renowned museums in the city of Bilbao, some museums have a centralized theme whereas the others house a wide range of artifacts and items.

Museo Guggenheim Bilbao is one of the major attractions of the city and has become a symbol of pride for the whole country. It was opened in the year of 1997 and built by the designer Frank Ghery. The museum attracted lots of controversy at the time of its opening. This controversy was attracted mainly due to its design. However, the attitude towards the building's architecture is largely positive today and is greatly admired by its visitors. The building is covered with titanium and looks like a metallic flower. The building has three floors and houses the works of many Internationalas well as local artists. The museum also has many artifacts of contemporary arts.

Museo de Belle Artes is another famous and admired museum of Bilbao. It is located in the Doña Casilda Iturrizar Park of the city and houses artworks like paintings, sculptures, drawings and engraving. You can find ancient and modern popular artworks here. The artifacts housed here range from a time period of 12th to 20th century. The museum might appear rather small in size as compared to the other admired museums of the world; however its containment has lots of worth. The museum contains works of renowned and appreciated artists like Velazquez, Goya, El Greco, Paul Gaugu and Picasso. If you wish to visit both Museo Guggenheim Bilbao and Museo de Belle Artes, you can purchase a Bono Artean ticket. Bono Artean ticket would get you a discount and would allow you to visit both museums at the same ticket.  

Other buildings and places of great cultural and historical importance in the city are Museo Taurino, Bilboko Udala and Teatro Arriaga.

Vacation to the city of Bilbao can prove to be a memorable and learning experience. One should never miss this opportunity to discover a place of such importance.

Kid's Attraction in Bilbao

Bilbao is the capital of the Basque province of Spain and is located in the Northern part of the country. Bilbao is known for its cultural important and has been a hub of financial and commerce activities from decades. The city has also gone major transformation lately and is now known for being an important tourist destination of Spain.

A vacation to Bilbao can prove to be quite a learning experience for your young ones. It has many interesting attractions for children in particular and the whole family in general. The highlights of the city are its museums. The museums in Bilbao are very versatile and house everything from the artifacts to the geographical findings.

Museo Guggenheim Bilbao is one of the main attractions in Bilbao for children. This museum was opened for general public in 1997 and has since become a symbol of pride for the city. It was designed by Frank Ghery. The building is covered with titanium and resembles a giant metallic flower. The museum has three floors and contains the works of both local and Internationalartists. Some of the twentieth century artist represented here are Andy Warhol, Antoni Tàpies, Eduardo Chillida, Clyfford Still, Yves Klein, James Rose, Willem de Kooning, Robert Rauschenberg and Robert Motherwell. This trip would definitely prove to be a very inspiring and learning trip for the children.

Bilbao Beaches

There are a number of good and popular beaches located in and around the city of Bilbao. Amongst these beaches, one can select the environment that they feel most comfortable in. some of the beaches are crowded through out the year whereas others are quite and serene.

The access to the beach of Playa de Azkorri is quite a struggle in itself. The beach of Playa de Azkorri is placed at the complicated location of Punta Galea cliffs. However, this is the factor which makes it attractive for a huge number for adventurous tourists. It is also not a safe place to take the children along as the currents of the beach are often quite strong and dangerous. Due to such currents the beach also hosts many water sports activities that require such atmosphere.

Playa de Azkorri has earned a blue flag due to its high standards of cleanliness and maintenance. To facilitate its visitors, the beach has showers, a lifeguard post and a small parking area that consists of about 430 parking places. A 17th century windmill can also be found if one continues along of route of the Punta Galea. The windmill also has good restaurant and offers impressive view.

Another good beach called Playa de Bakio is located at the distance of about 27 kilometers from the city. The beach is neither too crowded nor too serene and makes a great spot for a family outing. This beach has also earned a blue flag to symbolize the high maintenance and cleanliness standard maintained by the beaches authorities. Water surfing and diving are some of the many water sports that are arranged by the beach’s management.

La Arena Beach is located in the community of Muskiz and is one of the largest expanses of sand. The beach is almost 21 kilometers away from the city of Bilbao and to get there one can follow a main road from Bilbao to Santander. The beach is quite popular amongst the tourists and the locals alike during the summer season. The facilities of the beach include a children’s play area and a large parking area with 2500 parking spaces.

Some of the other good beaches that are reachable from Bilbao include Playas de Gorliz y Plentzia, Reserva de Urdaibai and Ría del Nervión (La).

In Bilbao, a very convenient transportation facility for the tourists and the locals is car hiring.

Bilbao Parks

Bilbao is home to some of the most magnificent parks. The city of Bilbao has developed greatly through the decade and the authorities are still making plans to develop it further. Beautiful gardens and parks have also been formed that appeal to both local people and the visitors. The parks have beautiful pastures and many outdoor activities that would help to have a fun day for the whole family.

Jardines de Albia is one of the most beautiful gardens of Bilbao. The entry to the Albia Gardens is free of cost and it is open for general public everyday. The park is located close to the Plaza Circular of Bilbao and has many picturesque spots. The park is a relaxing place to meet your friends and stroll around on your day off. The park also has many seating areas, landscapes and pathways. A historic landmarks situated quite near to the Jardines de Albia is the Iglesia de San Vincente.

Parque de Dona Casilda is the largest and probably the oldest park of Bilbao. The park has been open to the people for about 100 years now. Dona Casilda Park offers its visitors a perfect escape from the busy city life. The park has landscapes, beautiful fountains, old trees, seating areas, large ponds and many kinds of flowers. The Museo de Bellas Artes is also located quite near to the park. The entry to this park is also free and the park is open every day of the week.

Parque de Europa is a park offering a collection of activities for all of its visitors. The park is situated in the Txurdinaga area of the city and is a large recreational space. The park offers a number of sports activities and is also renowned for its collection of sculptures. This garden is open throughout the week and there are no entry tickets.

Paseo del Arenal is known for the seasonal activities and concerts that are held here throughout the year. The park also has many secluded and beautiful areas where one can relax and enjoy the calmness of the nature.

Bilbao Real Estate

Bilbao is a city that can also be called the capital of joy and satisfaction. The city is known for its vibrant and joyful life and environment. The city offers a range of facilities to its visitors and locals that include the perfect weather, beautiful beaches, landmark museums and magnificent gardens and parks.

There was a time when the city of Bilbao was not considered one of the best cities of Spain and one of the major reasons for this was its polluted river. However, the authorities of the city have been working quite hard to raise its standards and the development has been enormous. Today, Bilbao is amongst the most developed and renowned cities of Spain. Bilbao is still developing by leaps and bounds. This development has attracted lots of business and other opportunities to the city.

The tourism of the city has increased greatly as the city has some of the best museums in the country. There are a number of magnificent beaches in Bilbao that are easily reachable by road. These facilities have made the property of Bilbao quite valuable and the real estate business has also developed quite much.

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